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In the recent scenario, if you are looking to find your footing on the entrepreneurial platform, you have plethora of other players looking to compete with you.

For some startups, it becomes easier to cash a few clients to generate money—this in turn makes them examples for case studies. However, they need to be in the game to ensure that they succeed. There is no other shortcut for this

If you having a similar approach; you will find these tips worthy to emulate:

1. Try a partner approach

Every player has its own problems—all brands and agencies can’t have same pain-points. This is where research would do a world of good. You should know which brand or agency will find your product or service useful. Reaching to them and describing them what you can offer to solve their issue would be the next step. It is advisable to be open to discussion and adopting honesty as the best policy; though you can make a compelling offer based on your competency.

Such partnerships will ensure the technology that you have used and tested flourishes among other brands or agencies.

2. Offer value in almost every exchange

It is always credible to make your communication valuable and worthy. If you are offering some suggestions or advice regarding a particular technology or solution, it is good to include links to articles or whitepapers that can describe the issue better. Giving a snapshot of the content is also a good practice. It’s like valuable information sharing and builds your image as a helpful partner.

3. Avoid dry runs

Be choosy in picking up your potential clients. If you have not clearly researched about the needs of your prospective clients, you may end up having a dry-run because the potential clients did not have the potential that you anticipated. Be very objective and focused on your goals while you interact with any brand or agency for business partnership.

4. Lead your presentation with value, not credibility indicators

Your presentation is the best shot you got—score maximum with it. Try to load it with value while giving glimpses that you don’t want to waste your audience’s time. Try to insert a slide showing the results your offer can bring before even going to the agenda-slide.

As you show the results that you have achieved for your past customers, you are bringing more value to your offer. You may use visuals or stats depending on your particular solution. It is here that you can show your creativity avoiding following the limits of boring professionalism. However, it is always better to keep it concise and not waste too much time. Overdoing it may sound bragging and the objective will be totally lost.

With this you have hit on multiple targets with one shot. You have showed them what they should expect from you; you have specified that you value their time; and at the same time, you have intrigued their mid to ask questions which will liven up your presentation. Overall, a great start for your second slide!

I would suggest that you should keep telling the background of your company to the minimum. Ideally, spend 10-20 sec for this slide. To compensate this, you can plan to leave a sheet that provides all the information for reading and reference. There is no point in wasting too much time on this issue.

Adopting this method would render your presentation more interesting following a different flow. You may notice people avoiding playing with their hand-held gadgets. (!)

5. Assume a 30-minute window

In today’s world, try to respect the time and bandwidth that anybody can spare for you. Seriously, stick to a 30-minute window for your whole presentation. To be very frank, longer presentations will limit your opportunities.

Segment-wise, know what time you should give to every portion. Total presentation should not span more than 20 minutes. Spare 1/3 time of your total presentation for Q&A session. In reality, this is where you will notice how much impression you have made. If your audience is not asking questions or looking for clarifications of some particular points, you perhaps have been nowhere. To make your presentation more interesting, try to intersperse it with questions from your end. Engage the audience while you make them participate more and more.

As you keep your presentation concise, you are able to focus more on key areas avoiding idle talk or stuff nobody likes in the room. One particular thing to notice here would be this: if you have multiple options, don’t let the audience choose from too many of them. This might delay the next step for your business. Try to be very specific about what that particular brand or agency would find fitting to their needs. Giving them solutions that are irrelevant to their business will do no good to you.

These tips can generally be adopted for any kind of business. If your product or service performs well, these tips should be able to leverage your results to new heights.

Post by Kate Pirs. Marketing manager in a team, who developed mSpy  - http://www.mspy.com/ app, which helps tracking children smartphone activity and finding stolen or lost phones.

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