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The one thing most people know about easy backlink building with RSS, is that it's a good way to help increase search engine ratings for a website, but they've never considered that RSS can also help in other ways. Here's a short list of some reasons why a person should use continuous syndication feed, in all its roles, as one of his biggest allies for a successful web-enterprise or writing business:

With more and more people dropping out of the traffics and crowds these days, internet businesses are becoming more common. But it's still difficult to get that venture to fly, let alone catch the eye of new customers. Help from the internet gods, with a thing like RSS, can be manna from heaven. In what way?

RSS can be used as a "secret weapon" way for a business to stay in tune with the latest technology: Every enterprising owner knows how important it is to remain at the head of the class in their line of work. A seller of computer gaming software can keep his eyes open by reading the latest gaming product news via a continuous feed of such related material. Knowing as soon as possible about the new release of the latest gaming craze out there, gives the seller a heads up in purchasing it as soon as possible - maybe before any of his competition even knows it's been released.

The internet business owner who provides on-line technical help to customers with computer problems, benefits with a feed of new repair technology service websites that provide him with the latest how-to information and education on upgrades for computer repair, now more affordable to him - and in turn, to his customers. An extra benefit of this convenience is getting to know any support staff at the informational websites, who are available for any questions or concerns he may have about possible future snafus that could hang him up in helping the customer - and in this way heads them off before they happen. Being so prepared helps a business person to ensure the loyalty of his clients - who often bring him new business in return.

RSS feeds can add various and fun entertaining options for the reader of a blog: Some with niche websites and a fan base started a blog as just a simple way to keep in touch with their loved ones and friends, but it grew into something much bigger. With not a lot of time to post fresh material, a blogger is often at a crossroads at what to do that fits his schedule and won't kill his blog. By adding feeds for entertaining the reader in different ways - like with the newest music, funny videos or breaking news - the reader won't be so disappointed if there isn't any new material to read once in a while.

RSS feeds can by utilized by aspiring writers to enter the profession earlier: There are those who want to write for a living, and know that to do so, it's crucial one establish a following of readers - and other writers, as well. To eventually get that dream job, and catch the eye of publishers - one has to earn credibility making a positive name for himself among all sectors of the writing community.

Back links from other websites is crucial for a writer to build a good reputation, but just as important is visiting other writers in the community, and reading their work. By using a continuous feed of all the websites he visits, even when busy, all the writer has to do is locate them in the feed, read the posts - then click a link to leave his opinions. Having a convenient way to read and comment is a huge gift to a busy writer, as this is a big part of building that accessible reputation - which is considered professional courtesies between writers. Professional and personal friendships often come of successful give and take courtesies - not to mention the extensive networking that's beneficial to all. And there's always the chance that a door will be opened, and a publishing opportunity will be on the other side of it, one day soon.

So no matter what niche of internet business one's involved in, easy backlink building with RSS is more than just a good idea.

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