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Starting a business with your own name and become an entrepreneur is such thrilling and exciting decision. Even it’s a small business, just be positive and optimist, your business will be survive through the rough years and all those challenges. And hopefully it can grow and have larger contribution not only for you or your employee but also to the global communities.

In business, as an entrepreneur it means also that you are a risk taker; basically you are managing the risqué. Therefore you should be more organized and be systematized about everything to make sure your business in run under control. And it does including accounting system. Accounting helps you to be discipline with the money and the budget. For small business owner sometime they do not give serious attention about accounting because they think it’s a small business, a traditional accounting is enough. But as a businessman, you should have a vision for your business.

Accounting helps you manage your finance so you could make a plan to develop your business, to expand your business later, or to improve your business performance. Accounting is easy now. There are lots of accounting software that available on the net, you could buy it with affordable price and some provide it for free.

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