Antivirus Software Recommendations – 5 Top Antivirus Programs

Getting to the basics

There is no dearth of the antivirus software obtainable in today's tech-savvy market. These are available in various versions, be it freeware, sharewares, or even meant for purchase. You can do that basic research prior to going ahead with your choice. Antivirus software is always based on one's need and what they look for. Most often the licensed ones are available as a trial before you can decide to go ahead with it. However, some trial version software cannot be easily uninstalled and hence, it is always safe invoking system restore facility prior to going about them. Check some antivirus programs listed below. These are based and classified depending upon several parameters such as cost, utility, service to customers and efficiency.

1. Shield Pro 2006

Shield Pro 2006 was called ViRobot Expert initially, and is developed by PCSecurity Shield. PCSecurity Shield makes sure to give right online support along with updates. They have a patch of less than three hours for any new virus and promise to fix it within five hours of its emergence. It allows viruses being scanned robotically.

2. BitDefender 10 Standard

Manufactured by softwin, Bitdefender 10 Standard provides shield from spam, viruses, spyware and also guard peer-to-peer applications. It provides total email security and heuristics that checks programs within a virtual PC for identifying mysterious viruses through viruses, worms and other malwares. A year of free of charge updates and live technical assistance by means of internet and telephone is available along with latest virus signatures. Tested and approved by ICSA, West Coast labs, Virus Bulletin checkmark, it has been certified to detect and eliminate viruses devoid of generating false positives. In the recent review of, it has been No.1 amongst antivirus software.

3. Kasperkey antivirus personal 6.0

Kasperkey antivirus is easy to use and install. It provides you with three levels of protection for making a choice. With a minimal load on CPU, updates are carried on as repeatedly as every hour. Technical Assistance 24/7 and a two tier email shield attribute are other added traits. Kasperkey has passed West Coast labs and ICSA 2005 checkmark levels 1 and 2 and has covered VB 100% test. It has been silver rated by

4. PC-Cillin by Trend Micro

PC-cillin Internet Security has been released by Trend Micro. It presents with antivirus security along with a personal firewall for shielding against Trojans, viruses, worms and hackers. Furthermore, it has features by which it removes spyware, phishing attacks, blocks spam, and also prevent thefts.

5. AVG antivirus

Grisoft has provided with a free edition of AVG antivirus designed especially for home users. All you would need to do is download it from the manufacturer's website; and that is free of cost. People are usually skeptic about relying on the quality and dependability of free software. However AVG antivirus has proved to be popular among the available free downloads. This software is preferred for home computing though it provides no server version or technical support, as it is entirely free of charge with no obligation from the service providers.

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