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Image Forward Welcomes Franchise Network Senior Care as Newest Client

Largest international home care company hires Image Forward of Tampa, Florida as internet marketing group.

Image Forwards internet marketing experts have been selected by a Senior Home Care franchise, an international franchise which provides elderly care and elderly companionship for seniors. Image Forward will be providing internet marketing and advertising and will enhance the internet presence of the homecare franchise network.

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, FL, Image Forward, an innovative internet marketing company features SEO consultants and SEM specialists who combine an internet business directory, website optimization and search engine promotion. This Senior Home Care franchise will be listed in its key premier directory.

The world's largest home care company, this Senior Home Care franchise provides home services in the clients home and is located in more than 800 cities around the globe. This includes the countries United States, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Finland, and Austria.

This Senior Home Care franchise has different types of services including Companionship Services, Home Helper Services and Personal services. Companionship Services include diet and eating monitoring, respite care, visiting, planning trips, and more. This Senior Home Care franchise Home Helper Services include Alzheimer's care, laundry help, reading help, pet care assistance, appointment help, assistance walking, etc. Personal services include such things as help with eating, dressing, bathing, grooming, incontinence, cognitive impairment, and mobility assistance.

"Our seniors deserve the best and this healthcare franchise brings unique, personalized attention to senior homecare. It is a privilege to help promote this kind of company." said Michael Huth, CEO of Image Forward, "I look forward to delivering high-quality internet support."

Image Forward, a privately held company based in Tampa, FL, has been in business since 2002 and specializes in Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising. Image Forward services focus upon nation-wide Advertising Campaigns and large, multiple location businesses.

Image Forward maintains BRAND CONSISTENCY to help increase a Brand Presence on the Internet and communicate the brand with the franchisor. Image Forward only works with 1 Franchisor per vertical industry.

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Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings Through SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an efficient way of increasing the traffic to your website by making use of certain strategies to rank higher on search engine results for particular keywords. As the popularity and complexity of the internet increases, people greatly rely on search engines to find information online conveniently. Therefore, SEO has become important for websites that are dependent on search engines to obtain a considerable proportion of their visitors.

As a lot of new websites are emerging everyday, to be able to make your presence felt in the crowd you need to rank higher in search engine results. It is not uncommon to find websites receiving even up to 80% of their traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo, which highlights the importance of seo. In fact, without an appropriate SEO strategy, there is very slim chance that you will be able to taste success on the internet.

The first thing to take care of in SEO is content optimization of your website. You should put in effort in making sure that appropriate keywords are used at right intervals and optimum keyword density is maintained on the website, as this aids a search engine associate those keywords with your website.

The next important part of SEO is link building, where external links to your site are created to showcase the popularity of your website to the search engines so that they rank your site higher in results. Make sure that the sites you seek links from are of similar content type and related to your website. Choosing irrelevant sites can pose difficulties for you, especially if search engines feel that you are falsely creating these links.

It is important to understand that SEO is not a one time process but a continuing one. Your work does not end at merely creating a website and optimizing it just once for search engines. As an ongoing process, it is important to constantly review the content of the website, active inbound links to its web pages, and the rank given by search engines for different keywords. To attain a steadily rising stream of traffic, you have to constantly adopt ways to improve the presence of your website in search engine results.

SEO training can be of immense help, given the importance SEO has for your website. It can help you to both comprehend and implement the finer aspects. There are many companies that provide such SEO training to teach you how to create a search engine friendly website. It is always an excellent idea to use such expert help in learning the crucial strategies of the trade.

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Your SEO Company Can Make Or Break Your Online Business

The new age marketing strategies use the technique of Search Engine Optimization or SEO to take advantage of the spurt in the number of internet users. This has led to the emergence of firms that focus on this field and provide SEO services at reasonable prices. These companies have several benefits but a careful comparison of what they provide is highly advisable before finalizing an SEO company.

The primary thing to check for in any SEO company must be the way it operates and whether it is ethical or not. Your firm's search engine rankings as well as its status can easily be spoiled by severe, and sometimes long term, penalties from search engines if you select to take an unscrupulous shortcut. Using methods that are accepted by search engines and improve your standard of service is the right way to go about increasing traffic to your site. The legitimate techniques are those that use good content aimed at certain keywords, the proper utilisation of Meta tags, and creating inbound links.

A good SEO company will give a lot of importance to the content of the website and will ensure that it is unique and follows the keyword density norms. Both these factors are instrumental in improving ranking of your website with all the leading search engines. As inbound link generating content sharing has come to be considered an important aspect of any seo strategy, the company should develop materials like videos and articles for free of cost circulation.

The SEO company needs to be aware of the recent technical innovations in the field and have the capability to offer the entire gamut of seo services. Knowing your business, doing research work for finding out keywords that are often used by customers, and then specifying strategies for bringing in more visitors to the site are all a part of that.

Expertise in SEO techniques and their application in different conditions is the formula for sure-shot success in an seo campaign. Excellent SEO companies have a dedicated team of specialists who are skilled in these tools and strategies and know what works and what does not work in a specific scenario.

Lastly, it is vital to comprehend that SEO is not a one-time job and a company that promises high quality SEO services should provide help on a continual basis. It is rather difficult to monitor the constant changes in the search engine policies, and to make your site incorporate these changes, you will need a good SEO company by your side to help you out.

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3 Seo Tips That Will Tip Your Ranking Balance

Sometimes it is just the tiniest of things that can make a Giant difference with SEO ranking results.

Here are 3 small things that will make a Super difference if you apply them all the time.

1. If you are going fishing make sure there are fish and not too many fishing people.

2. Title is everything.

3. Being bold makes you stand out.

If you are going fishing make sure there are fish and not too many fishing people.

If we were going fishing as a professional, we would do one thing before we throw our nets into the water, we would KNOW that there are fish there to be caught! A professional fisher person does not throw their nets into the water BEFORE doing a radar scan to check for fish. If you are smart at SEO you will do the same! You will also not go fishing where everyone else is fishing, this is common sense.

When it comes to a more abstract world like SEO sometimes we forget common sense. So let's remember!

In the SEO world making sure there are fish is making sure that there is traffic for a keyword we are wanting to rank for. Use tools like Google Traffic Estimator (just Google it) if you are short on funds, and if you have a little bit of money, go get yourself a WordTracker account (they also have a free tool as well which is good). These (and many other traffic tools) will tell you that there are 'fish' for the keywords that you want to rank for.

The next part of this BIG trick is not to fish were everyone else is fishing. So if you are smart if you are doing a blog for example, you will look for keywords that have good traffic but a LOW number of competing websites. WordTracker will help you with this.

Title is everything.

In the SEO world the page title is the 'secret weapon' of the top ranker! Here is one thing to remember, make sure that the page title is as close as possible to being 100% the keyword you want to rank for as possible. The page title is like the title of a book. If you wanted to learn about the sex life of a worm then a book title of 'Sex life of a worm' will grab your attention and you will know you have the book you want. On the other hand a title of 'Worms and interesting facts' will not grab you in the same way. The trick is to make your page titles 100% of the keyword you want to rank for. If you add 'clutter' words then you are diluting the most important SEO element - like diluting a single malt whiskey with water or ice.

Being bold makes you stand out.

This is a very good onsite optimisation tip if you want to optimise a page/blog entry for a specific keyword, make sure you embolden the keyword in the text 2 or 3 times. Don't over do it of course.

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