Company’s Functions Should Determine Choice Of Office Software

Starting a new business, or upgrading an existing business, brings with it a host of decisions. Once the type of business is chosen and the business plan is place, it's time to begin setting up management, and that requires choosing office software.

For instance, keeping track of clients is the initial step in business. This involves more than merely logging their transactions, which could be done in any accounting software. Today the most successful businesses focuses on what B-schools term "Customer Relationship Management, " or CRM. This means that once you've sold a product or service to a customer, you want to keep that customer for several reasons.

First, it's more economical to keep an existing customer than to go out and to replace it with a new customer. This reality affects the bottom line significantly. Second, extraordinary customer service is one of the keys to business success today. Recognizing your clients as people, not merely as figures in a spreadsheet, gains the company a reputation as a firm that truly values its customers, not just their money. Third, choosing the right CRM software enables managers not only to keep track of customers, but also to maintain records that help apply metrics to measure sales performances. In other words, business managers and owners should seek out CRM office software that maintains client data for personal contact and can generate reports on sales performance. To maximize profits, choosing reliable yet cheap office software should be taken into consideration.

Next, Customer Relationship Management Software should be networked with accounting software and manufacturing software. After all, how will the company fill the client's order, and complete the exchange of money for goods or services, unless the information is sent from sales to the accounting and production departments?

Manufacturing companies typically have some kind of software that will generate a "job ticket" based on information supplied by sales. At the same time, the information from sales should also alert the accounting department to do one of two things: set up a new file for a new client, or note that an existing client has submitted a new order and be prepared to generate an invoice once the work is completed.

In addition, companies that produce goods also have to keep track of supplies and/or components for the making of those goods. This function often is spread across several departments, with the accounting unit ultimately responsible for pulling together a inventory report that is sent to all managers.

Finally, there's the need to communicate. In these days of digital communication, this can mean emails, websites, digital newsletters, electronic slide presentations, podcasts and even online videos. Written communication hasn't disappeared, either; it's still necessary to write letters, record contracts and distribute brochures, marketing kits and other printed matter. Thus office software for communication has to take into account that business today operates in a world where both print and digital communication are required.

When choosing office software, it's possible find entire suites of programs that are related to one another to handle these functions. The best of such suites are easy to learn and use, exchange data among programs with few problems, and are cost-effective for the business.

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