Conference Call for Business

In Systems

In business, there is party which is called as business partner. This partner is the one which will support a business owner by offering fund and additional service which is needed by the main company. A business owner will need to have a regular meeting with his business partner. But, this business partner sometimes cannot be met directly. As the result, the meeting will be done online.

This kind of meeting is often called as teleconference. This meeting is done by using telephone or internet facility. More than two people can get involved in a conference call. There is a system to invite a third party to join the teleconference. Usually this system is set for special phone number with particular codes that all parties who get involved in the teleconference can listen to each other’s voice and can give a word to others.

These conference calls can also be used as communication device between the boss and the employees. So, there is no need for the employees to come to their boss’ room when they need to explain the progress of the project promptly. The boss himself can conveniently monitor his employees by the teleconference since it can be done anytime from anywhere.

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