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If you're seeking Microsoft certified training, it stands to reason you'll want training organisations to offer a wide range of the best training programs available today.

It's a good idea to find a training advisor, who could offer counsel on what sort of job would suit you most, and what sort of tasks are a good match for someone with a personality like yours.

Be sure your course is put together to your skills and abilities. A quality company will make sure that your training track is appropriate for the job you want to get.

Many students come unstuck over one area of their training very rarely considered: The breakdown of the course materials before being physically delivered to you.

Individual deliveries for each training module piece by piece, as you complete each module is the usual method of releasing your program. This sounds logical, but you might like to consider this:

What could you expect if you didn't actually complete each element at the speed they required? Often the prescribed exam order doesn't work as well as another different route may.

For maximum flexibility and safety, most students now choose to have all their training materials (which they've now paid for) couriered out in one package, all at the beginning. You can then decide at what speed and in which order you'd like to work.

Finding your first job in the industry can be a little easier with a Job Placement Assistance service. With the massive skills shortage in Great Britain even when times are hard, there isn't a great need to make too much of this option though. It isn't so complicated as you might think to get the right work as long as you've got the necessary skills and qualifications.

Help with your CV and interview techniques may be available (if not, see one of our sites for help). Make sure you update that dusty old CV straight away - not after you've qualified!

It's possible that you won't have even taken your exams when you land your first junior support job; although this is not possible unless your CV is with employers.

The most efficient companies to help get you placed are generally independent and specialised local recruitment services. As they will get paid by the employer when they've placed you, they're perhaps more focused on results.

Various students, it seems, invest a great deal of time on their training course (for years sometimes), only to give up at the first hurdle when trying to get the right position. Promote yourself... Do your best to let employers know about you. Don't think a job's just going to jump out in front of you.

People attracted to this sort of work can be very practical by nature, and aren't really suited to the classroom environment, and struggling through thick study-volumes. If you identify with this, try the newer style of interactive study, where you can learn everything on-screen.

If we're able to involve all our senses in the learning process, our results will often be quite spectacular.

Learning is now available on CD and DVD discs, so everything is learned directly from your own PC. Using video-streaming, you can watch instructors demonstrating how to perform the required skill, with some practice time to follow - in an interactive lab.

Be sure to get a demonstration of the study materials from any training college. The materials should incorporate demo's from instructors, slideshows and lab's for you to practice your skills in.

Many companies provide online training only; while you can get away with this much of the time, consider how you'll deal with it if your access to the internet is broken or you get slow speeds and down-time etc. It's much safer to rely on CD and DVD ROM materials that don't suffer from these broadband issues.

Be on the lookout that any accreditations you're considering doing will be recognised by employers and are the most recent versions. Training companies own certificates are often meaningless.

If the accreditation doesn't feature a big-hitter like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco or CompTIA, then you'll probably find it will have been a waste of time - because no-one will recognise it.

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