Feel the Cool World with the Technology of Air Conditioner

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The world is becoming hot today. The climate and weather is changing so fast. In some season there is a drastic temperature changing within a day. For example is that it is really hot in the afternoon but suddenly it turns to be so cold in the evening. This kind of changing may harm our health since the body is not able to adjust itself with the outer temperature.  The most frequent cases which happen is that the problem dealing with hot weather.

Most of us are always complaining when the weather is hot. It is really different with the cold weather; there are only few people who complain about it. Because of that happening problem, a new technology has been invented.  It is called Air Conditioner or well known as AC. This device provides us cool sensation of atmosphere in the room so that we do not feel hot anymore. This technology is also design to give healthy circulation within a closed room. This is very suitable to be used in the office, school, or any closed building.

Nevertheless, this kind of technology is not recommended to be used in the outdoor place. It is all due to the bad impact that it may carries. It is said that the impact of Air Conditioner may cause the effect of glass house in the outdoor place. So, although AC is quite convenient but in other cases it may harm our world.

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