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Google first launched their Google Earth software in 2005, and people were immediately fascinated by the potential of this very powerful tool. The first thing most people wanted to see was the images of where they live, and after that people typically started searching for famous landmarks, both locally and around the world. In addition to all of the amazing images that Google Earth was making available for everyone there was also a wealth of information and figures that were being provided as people sat in their homes and explored the planet.

Google Earth provides much more than this, it also provides much need information to emergency service workers throughout the United States and the world. It helps them quickly locate destinations that might otherwise be beyond their scope and in a very effective way that allows them to specify their searches to things like abandon buildings in a suspect region or can help to find travelers who have lost their way or become injured in desolate regions.

Because Google Earth is free to use, and is available to anyone with a PC and an internet connection, the ability to use Google Earth by emergency services personnel is available to every state, city, and town. While bigger cities were the first to adopt this technology many smaller towns are now adding Google Earth to their existing tools, making the job of first responders on the ground easier. Google Earth even has the ability to be enhanced, allowing fire fighters to have real time information on where a fire is, where it is spreading, and the best way to stop the spread of a large fire. This information in invaluable to those in command, whether it is the fire department or any other emergency services units. Google Earth is helping emergency services personnel save lives, and respond to situations more quickly and more efficiently.

Google Earth does not have the satellites in place that would be required to provide real time feeds to emergency services personnel on site, however the images available on Google Earth are pretty close to real time. In addition to the most up to date maps available, Google Earth also provides extra information to emergency services command centers that they do not make available to civilian users of Google Earth.

Such a wise company with many features that are ahead of their time, you will find that whatever you need on a personal or a professional level, Google offers all you seek and more.

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