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Avira Antivir Personal Edition is becoming more and more popular and is being recommended by either corporate or home users. This is because aside from being absolutely free for download and personal use, Avira Antivir is also powerful and functional enough to go toe to toe with expensive commercial PC Security suites. Avira is also fast and easy to install; when it comes to installing the program, the computer does not need to be restarted and you do not need to put in so much personal information.

The main features of the Avira AntiVir Personal Edition are listed below in brief:

1. Real-time protection: This means that when there is an incoming threat the program will immediately deal with it and notify you about it. Upon notification, you will have the option to block, quarantine or even allow the process. You an also configure Avira to make the choice automatically for you. The software effectively guards the computer against computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

2. On-demand Scanner: It lets you scan a file before opening it especially when it comes to compressed files. All you need to do is right-click on the file then choose the option to scan the file. This is very effective against hidden Trojans or viruses that are put inside compressed archives and set to run upon extraction.

3. Auto-Updater: This feature will immediately check for updates applicable to the software using a predetermined schedule. It will also notify the user about the new updates. The updates help in protecting the computer from newly discovered threats. It has been said that there are several updates for VDF files in a day to make sure that the application detects all possible threats at the soonest possible time.

4. Quarantine for detected viruses and malicious files: If there are viruses or malicious files that were not removed or cleaned it will be placed in a quarantine area. If there are already updates that will allow Avira to heal or clean the file then it will perform the necessary removal or cleaning. Quarantined files are also recorded into the database to help gather more information about unknown threats, which allow Avira to safeguard against them in the future.

5. Scheduler: The user can set the time when the software will perform the scan automatically. This is very helpful for people who leave the computer on all the time and have no time to manually perform a system scan regularly

6. Email Scanner: The software will be able to scan opened emails and emails attachments, which is one of the main avenues for Trojan, virus and spyware infections. You don't have to worry about receiving attachments anymore because Avira will protect you from malware masquerading as zipfiles, scripts and even executables.

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