Basics Of SEO

Any query of a popular word in a search engine would yield a large number of results. In such a scenario, how a website manages to feature among the top results of a search for a specific keyword is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The reason for the growing popularity of SEO in last few years is that the appearance of the website in top search results aids in getting more visitors to it, which very often converts into more business.

There are two kinds of seo - white hat and black hat. The methods applied in black hat SEO to push the website in the top results are not seen as ethical. On the other hand, white hat seo works within the guidelines laid down by the search engines and concentrates on using widely accepted strategies.

To connect a specific web page to a particular keyword, the search engines in the past utilised the Meta data of the page that has been included in the code of that page. However, key search engines now utilise intricate algorithms to show the results that are filtered on the basis of over 200 distinct factors.

SEO consultants continuously try to guess the importance of different factors that play a role in the search algorithms and stay abreast with the advancements that search engines make. This knowledge helps them improve upon the SEO strategies for their customers so that they stay competitive for selected keywords. Some time back, when the search engines relied upon Meta data and the text on the page, this process required taking care of the Meta tags and ensuring a reasonable density with which a keyword existed on the page.

Although these aspects are still quite significant, search engines now give a lot more weight to the popularity of a web page. The popularity of a particular web page is determined by the number of other pages linking to it. It is more like a democratic process as each link to the web page can be seen as a vote. Therefore, SEO nowadays needs strategic work outside the site such as distributing free content in exchange of links to the website and establishing a presence on blogs and other interactive mediums online.

The most important thing to keep in mind about SEO is that it is not static. SEO techniques are always trying to adapt to the changes occurring in the field of online search. That is the reason why it is so important to hire an experienced SEO consultant to assist you.

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