Hack/Reset Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Administrator password

It becomes a tedious task when you want to login to any windows administrator and it is protected by Administrator password. So, you are blocked from making any changes to computer or installing any software. At such times, it is necessary to hack / reset Windows administrator password. So, I am writing a simple trick to hack/reset Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 administrator password to help you login to any computer protected by Windows administrator password.

Hack/Reset Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Administrator password:

Windows Key is popular windows password recovery software used to reset windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 administrator password. Simply, boot the system using Windows Key bootable CD or flash drive and you're able to reset windows administrator password.

1. Free Download Windows Key software to reset windows administrator password.

2. The downloaded folder contains image file. Burn it to disc using any image burner software say Nero.

3. Now, when burning process is finished, you have bootable disc ready to hack/reset windows administrator password.

4. Restart your computer and boot via CD/DVD just created. Windows Key will start loading its files and show its interface like this:

5. Windows key will ask you to select the Operating system, account of which you wanna reset administrator password. You have to enter 1, 2 or such numbers corrresponding to your choice.

6. Finally, Windows key will display message "Password has been reset". Now, press any key and computer will be restarted and now, you will be able to login to administrator account without any password. So, Windows key has removed or reset windows administrator password helping you to loging without any password.

Note: I have tested this on Windows XP, Vista and found this working perfect. The version I have provided doesn't work on Windows 7. I will provide link for Windows 7 soon.

Thats it friends. You will be thus able to hack windows XP, Vista or windows 7 administrator password using this windows password recovery software. If you have any problem in using this Windows key software to hack / reset windows XP, Vista or windows 7 administrator password or if you have any other useful software to reset windows administrator password, please let me know by mentioning it in comments.

Enjoy n reset windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 administrator password...

Rajesh is currently pursuing BEIT (Information Technology). He interested a lot in blogging and computer tricks. He shares all his tricks and hacks at http://techotips.blogspot.com

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