How To Increase Internet Speed By 20% – Simplest Ways To Get Faster Internet Speed

I believe a slow Internet speed is an awful thing for every computer users, having to waste lots of time to open/ browse a website without doing any thing. If you are one who wants to increase Internet speed, just follow my tips here to simply get faster Internet speed by 20%.

1. Make full use of your broadband. If you use Windows XP Professional, it is possible for you to squeeze an extra 20% out of your internet connection. By default, Windows XP Pro holds back 20% of your broadband for its own purpose, for example, windows update and spyware checks. If you want to 20% increase internet speed, please make the following changes:

1. Go to Start-> Run-> and type "gpedit.msc" to access Group Policy Editor.
2. Expand the "Administrative Templates" branch.
3. Expand the "Network" tab.
4. Highlight "QoS Packet Scheduler".
5. Click on "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" and check the enabled box
6. Then Change the "Bandwidth limit %" to 0 %

After saving the modification and rebooting, you should see a noticeable improvement when browsing the website.

2. Check your startup list to make sure that you do not run too many unwanted programs in background. Once there are many programs running in background, lots of system resources will be taken of, resulting in insufficient system resources when trying to browse the websites. So to increase Internet speed, do remember to go to Start ->Run ->and then "msconfig" to get into System Configuration Utility to disable the unneeded startup items within "Startup" tab.

3. Optimize Windows registry. Currently, Broadband network is widely used, but some broadband users are not satisfied with the web browsing speed, upload and download speed. Actually, an optimization on the Windows registry helps to easily to get faster Internet speed because it will fix the registry errors, correct unwanted Active X errors/ Empty registry keys and so on so as to get rid of the mysterious error messages.

With the simple tips below, you will easily increase internet speed by 20% or more. If you want to effectively get faster Internet speed, it is highly recommended that you should clean up your windows registry with the best registry cleaner in market.

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