How to Modify Connection Settings in Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox is a web browser used to surf the World Wide Web. The Firefox web browser uses connection settings to dictate how it connects to the Internet, and these settings can be changed by users to suit their preferences. Making adjustments to Firefoxs connection settings is fairly simple with a few guidelines.

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Accessing the Firefox connection settings on a Windows Computer

  1. Launch Firefox.

Click on the Tools menu located at the top of the program window.

Click on the Options link from the drop down list.

  1. Select Advanced tab > Network tab > Settings.
  2. Launch Firefox.

Accessing the Firefox connections settings on a Mac Computer

Click on the Menu link from the toolbar.

Click on the Preferences link from the drop down list.

  1. Select Advanced tab > Settings.
  2. Once the Settings button is clicked, a window with four options listed will appear; they are:

Adjusting connection settings options

  • No proxy: this option will allow you to connect directly to the internet.

Auto-detect proxy settings for this network: should be used when connecting to a network.

Manual proxy configuration: is used by more advanced users to change the settings individually; and

Automatic proxy configuration URL: for those using a website as a proxy server.

  1. Once you have selected the option you want, make the necessary changes. After changing the setting, click the OK button to save or click Cancel to cancel the process.
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