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Though you may blame your slow internet speed on your provider, settings of your computer, the hardware in use or even the age of your computer can be the cause of slow internet speed. So, if you are thinking how to speed up your internet, the following steps might come handy.

1. Adjust your browser settings: In case you are using older versions of the more popular browsers, it is time to upgrade to the latest version by making changes in the settings on the computer. The older versions download files of a web page in sequential order resulting in delay to download that particular page. BE sure to keep your browsers up to date by downloading the latest version. It not only will make your internet speed faster, it will also protect your computer of harmful viruses.

2. Discuss with your internet provider: If you are thinking that by selecting the 8 MB package you actually get 8 MB speed, you are wrong. Due to distance between exchange, traffic and congestion, the speed of your internet connection slows down and it becomes difficult to achieve the targeted speed. In this case, you can ask your internet service provider if they can help boost your internet speed. You can also opt for upgrading your current package. Many service providers offer business connections which is a step up in price but can significantly speed up your upload and download speeds online.

3. Tweak Your router settings: Tweaking router settings can, to some extent, speed up your internet, though due to many different routers, it will be difficult to know how to adjust all of them. Router manual provides detailed information regarding performance improvement.

4. Do not share: Do not share your wireless internet connection with others as this is risky and also slows down speed of your internet. Use WPA encryption or have WEP password so as to avoid unauthorized use by people. This will, to some extent, help in speeding up your internet.

5. Reduce bandwidth overhead: It is quite common that a whole range of applications that run use your internet connection without you knowing about them. They start automatically while logging into computer. These programs slow down your internet speed by using your bandwidth. Check which programs you do not want to start and that will speed up your internet.

6. Speed up WIFI: In case you use a wireless connection and the signal is weak, you need not move your computer near the router. It is wiser to replace the receiver or router. You receive a better signal with a different receiver thus speeding up your internet. Some routers offer independent receivers that plug into your laptop or PC to get a boost in the signal and thus speed.

7 Check program to be downloaded: Some programs keep running in the background of the computer even after they have been closed. As they continuously upload and download data, they end up using your internet connection thus slowing it down along with consuming download allowance. It is pertinent to close them completely so as to speed up your internet. After you close your browser everyday, it is wise to delete all cookies that have been attached to your browser. It can also help to delete all your temporary internet files that have been cached as well. More files and data to just slow down your PC.

A slow computer can be very frustrating, for more tips on how to speed up your computer visit Speed up Your Computer where you will find tips, tricks, and tweaks for a fast PC.

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