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An internet fax service is an easy way to get (and send) faxes over the internet. Online fax services are also very cheap, usually much less than it would cost you in time and money to manually scan and convert faxes into email on your end.

By subscribing to internet fax services a customer can send and receive fax messages from anywhere at any time - all one needs is a computer, an internet connection and an email ID.

There are several different types of web fax services. Most companies will provide you with a free service and a paid service. The free service has various limitations over the paid fax service such as limiting you to a certain amount of faxes each month and so on.

Using an internet fax service is very simple. It is as easy as sending an email.

Once you sign up with an internet fax service provider, you are given an email ID and a unique fax number. If someone sends an email to your email ID, it is converted into a fax. If someone send a fax to your fax number, it is converted into an email.

The email ID is created by the internet fax company so that you can send and receive faxes. You can log in and type a message right from your account, or set up email forwarding. Any email sent to your email ID account is automatically converted into a fax and sent to your fax machine.

When you send a fax, the service provider has software that will instantly convert the fax into an email or keep it as a fax, and deliver it to the recipient's inbox or fax machine.

The advantages of using web faxing are that the users can send and receive as many faxes simultaneously or send all faxes instantly. Another major advantage is that, the there is no complexity of a conventional fax machine and those never-ending paper jams. The technology is quick and even cheaper than traditional fax messaging. So why spending time and energy with the traditional fax machine - subscribe for an online fax service now!

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