Important Questions to Ask Your Internet Broadband Provider

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Important Questions to Ask Your Internet Broadband Provider

Before you consider purchasing a broadband internet service, it may be helpful to ask your potential provider some questions so that you can ensure that their particular company is the right place for your business. Many of us end up choosing to purchase from companies that do not work with us later when we need it; their customer service is bad, there are charges that you don't recognize appearing on your bill nearly every month, and the amount that you're paying each month for the service is considerably higher than it was when you first made your decision to become their customer. By compiling a quick list of questions to ask your internet broadband provider, you can dramatically reduce these issues and even avoid them altogether.

The first question you should ask is, “How fast is my internet speed?” This question is important especially if you are using a basic internet service with the slowest speed available by that particular company. If you were choosing the basic service to cut cost, you may be surprised to know that your basic service may be a lot slower than you need. The word “broadband” is a term that providers use to their advantage when offering services because it used to describe a download speed of 768 kilobits per second at minimum. Because online use has grown considerably in its technology, this speed could be a dial-up service or a DSL service, which is not quite what the FCC meant when discussing broadband.

The second question you should ask your provider is “Do you charge taxes or surcharges outside of my regular service?” Some companies have prices that do not include taxes or other surcharges that your bill will incur, so be sure to ask your potential internet broadband provider what you can expect your monthly bill to be with all charges included. Many people do not consider the complete cost of a plan when they sign up for it, and find themselves letting that plan go because it is too expensive. This is an important question because it helps to prepare your budget and keep you aware of changes to cost, if any should occur.

A third question is “What kinds of incentives can I receive for remaining your broadband customer?” This kind of question is usually best asked if you let your provider know that someone has a better price for the speed of their internet connection. You may find that you will be given some top notch treatment if it seems like they cannot retain you as their customer. Many companies offer money toward your bill, free months of service and referral fees for your trouble.

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