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Amitola Promoting Middle is a seller for Infoständer. Amitola is your partner for Infoständer Provide consumers using a stopper for much more consumers. In the online shop you will find plenty of innovative Infoständer for your mobile advertising presentation. By Infoständer can get new consumers. As well as the Infoständer Traditional aluminum in a variety of sizes which can be extended by one more coverage by a high menu, there is a weather resistant Infoständer.


Kundenstopper would be the ideal Infostaender. With our Infoständer, you can rapidly and simply alter the poster. The very best selection of consumers you have Infoständer at world wide web. Amitola .de. We will help you in selecting the proper Promotiontheke. We know how very good marketing seems like. Promotiontheke would be the ideal eye-catcher. With footpath dining tables You entice the eye of people up. Our Infoständer are seen as an high stability. On our website you can find in depth merchandise specifics of our Infoständer. We will help you in selecting the proper Prospektständer

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