Knowing the Computer Hardware

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There are many things you should now before investing some money to a personal computer. One of the important matters to know is the computer components. At school or office, you may just need to directly switch on the system to start using the provided computers. But when it is time for you to buy for personal use, you need to know what things involved.

A computer has two parts, hardware and software. The computer hardware is the visible parts that you can touch. Wires and other small particles may be difficult to remember. However, there are some main components you have to know. They are monitor, mouse, CPU, motherboard, RAM and keyboard. Each person can have the different components assembled. It depends on what kind of additional features attached to the main hardware. You can add CD room, speaker, disk drive, video camera, scanner and printer. The additional items can be purchased based on your needs.

To buy the computer, you can get it all needed items at one package or you can separately purchase each of the computer hardware. This separate purchasing is beneficial if you want to have a very personal device to use. You can customize it yourself. Besides that, you can also add the various types of software for supporting your computing activities.

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