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Now you just got your great new laptop and you are ready to work with...or play. Congratulations!

But getting it is just the beginning and because you spent money on it, doesn't matter how much, you must ensure that it's life is going to be as long as possible

For this I present you a few tips to extend your new laptop's life.

Battery life - we all know that a battery cannot be charged infinitely. So every time you can use a power supply, use it, and take out the battery if it's charged. And when you are on battery, dimmer your screen to the lowest setting, disable auto bluetooth and WiFi network detection. Best way to dimmer your screen brightness is by creating a power scheme(Control Panel/Power options) for maximum battery.

Save your keyboard and screen - the best way to protect your laptop from dust, sand, or crumbs is an iSkin, which keeps crumbs out from between the keys and also protects the screen from keyboard scratches. You can periodically clean your keyboard with compress air from dust and other not wanted things.

Avoid spills on your keyboard...but if you happen to experience this(hope you don't) shutdown the laptop immediately, take the battery out and disconnect all the peripherals. Then lift the computer and turn it to the side and upside down to drain any liquid. Then use a hair dryer to dry the laptop.

Secure your data - always use a secure firewall, use strong passwords and turn off sharing when connected to internet. You may also consider encrypting your personal data in case your laptop is stolen.

Use a laptop bag - is recommended to use a laptop bag special built to protect your precious.

Back-up your data - the risk of hard drive failure is more increased in case of laptops, so backing up your data is essential. You can use an external drive for this...or burn important data on CDs or DVDs.

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