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There are several things that can slow your Internet connection. Before coming to the conclusion that we need a new router, or your Internet service provider (ISP) is not good, should control the Internet speed you are getting and make a little trouble shooting to see if there are other reasons your Internet is slow.

Viruses, Spyware and Adware

You may have viruses, spyware or adware on your system, such as the so-called Internet Speed Monitor. These malicious programs not only importantly slow down Internet speed, but also slow down your system. Internet Speed Monitor is malware that installs on your system and then bombarded with pop-up ads when you are trying to navigate the Internet. The result is greatly reduced Internet speed. The elimination of these parasites is probably the most important step you can take to improve your Internet speed, because they eat up system resources and bandwidth.

Internet Speed Monitor to see who is using your bandwidth

The first thing to check is that you are using your bandwidth? Consider bandwidth as a 2 lane highway. If people are driving on the same highway, the traffic flows more slowly than the backup car. If many people are driving in highway (the bandwidth) similar to the Internet will be slow. You can improve internet speed using broadband connection. Children are notorious for downloading a game, movie or music file you can find. Verify that you are downloading or using intensive applications of Internet bandwidth. When you see your children play with the system, do not assume it is an application on your hard drive. Many of today's games are played with others over the Internet and use a large amount of bandwidth and this will create problem in your computer  and you will need computer repair. Beware of other applications such as VoIP phones, watch movies or listen to music online.  All these types of items using a piece of your bandwidth.

Next, decide which of its neighbors the Internet connection through your router is. If your router is not secured, anyone can connect to it. Not only will this use up your bandwidth is also a safety risk. Anyone with the will power can reason damage to your system over an insecure network. His neighbors do not always connect to your router intentionally. Some wireless cards are set to automatically connect to the nearest available network. Your neighbor can not even pay attention that they are connecting through your router and therefore drainage in bandwidth. To secure your router you need to log into the configuration page of your router via a web browser. Your router's instruction manual will tell you what IP to enter in your web browser to access this page.

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