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The LG G3 is one of the most popular models of mobile phones these days. Now that you already have one, it is necessary to get a nice case to protect your phone. Your shiny new LG G3 comes with ultra-thin bezels which makes it look really good. However, this feature poor security against accidental drops and knocks. Capas para celular is what you need to make sure that your new device is always free from scratches or any damage. Fortunately, you can go for functional and stylish options which are out in the market today.

This brand provides offer protection for your phone. The Defender Series is one of the most popular options when it comes to preventing damages on your device. The outer layer can be taken off when there is no need to use a high level of impact-resistance. This option is perfect for your everyday use as the inner case provides superior protection. It also reduces the weight of the accessory to provide you with a comfortable experience. You can easily attach the external protection on the phone anytime you want to.

Quick Circle Case from LG
This case para LG G3 is quite expensive compared to other brands out there. However, this offer from LG guarantees that your phone is safe from damages while letting it be used optimally. This case offers the window feature. You may think that it is a used idea but this one is different. This accessory differs by the way the software is implemented, the installation and the look. In addition, this case allows you to charge the Qi on wireless mode. The overall appeal of the UI is one of the best parts. You can see fun and colorful icons and animations. These features make the difference and even enhance the experience of users. The girth remains the same as you replace the rear of the device with the case. This may not offer maximum protection but it definitely boosts the appeal of your phone.

The Iron Shield is the Capas para LG G3 offered by this brand. This protective case looks nice as it is made from a combination of an aluminum rim and a TPU shell that is removable and is found on the inner layer. You can remove the metal component if you want to have extra space in your pocket. However, you will lose that classy touch which it offers.

This brand of capas para celular offers a wide range of options for mobile devices. The Slim Armor and the Wallet S are the best ones. The Slim Armor is a functional and stylish protective case. It is available in 7 colors which allow you to express yourself somehow. The Wallet S has the features of an ordinary wallet but it can turn into a stand when you fold it. This is awesome when you use your phone for shooting videos. This fantastic LG G3 case keeps your device from cracks and scratches while keeping your phone look great.

The Dualpro Shine is considerably the best offer of this brand. It offers awesome style and quality with its aluminum finish. This protective wallet also offers a classy touch.You can be sure that your new phone is safe from and damages such as cracks or scratches with the help of these amazing LG G3 cases.

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