Mankind Communication Development

In Computer

Communication has become the thin line that makes man able to reach many important developments. A large variant of language is only the beginning for man to develop further. Through language, the culture can be preserved; the knowledge can be inherited from father to son, from mother to daughter. This pattern of communication has allowed various civilization to grow, developed and compete each other.

From a simple computer, people may not have idea how the simple calculating device help the present means of communication.   The computer hardware development has ensured that the big box with simple calculation ability turn smaller each year. The smaller hardware size is also supported by reliable software. From the simple counting program, the base for operating system is created. The attempt to develop better standard has help more and more functionality available. This has set further computer systems application.  And at a point, the computer systems information back bone is created.

The latest technology support has ensured that more people to get connected in better reach. The internet has become everyday need for most people. From casual social media relation, up to the serious B2B telemarketing has set another level of connectivity. Communication is easy. But the present easy flow of information is just another classic double edge sword. Without proper care, man may face more relationship problem than ever.

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