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Computer has definitely revolutionized the world we look into it but there are certain problems that are often encountered in our life. They may be of very serious type or a few of them can be solved easily without taking guidance of the expert or support team. We will see here what problems are there much common to our computer and how they can be tackled with at ease!

Blank Screen – If the screen is blank on the computer, you will need to check the connection between the display and the computer port. At first, you should see whether screen is connected to the power and then you can proceed with the connection between the display and the hard disc. If it happens in your laptop, you will certainly have to call the expert.

Booting problem – If the windows is not booting correctly or it gets off after booting for some time, you will require reinstalling the Windows.

Slow/hang computer – This is one of the most common computer problems that millions of users face today. If your computer works slowly, you can simply clean the hard disc of the unwanted or redundant files. You can also check for the registry files and install the anti-virus programs to scan for malwares and viruses. You may also use external hard drives.

Overheating – This will occur due to the insufficient and ineffective cooling system. If the system gets bad or poor, the essential computer components will start generating heat in excess. You must give rest to CPU fan.

Slow Internet – You must clean all the temporary files and cookies in the browsers in order to get fast speed while browsing internet. Just type ‘%temp%’ in the Run command and hit the enter button to get all the temporary files. Delete all of them to get faster internet speed.

Frozen Screen – In case of frozen screen, you should always try to immediately reboot the screen. Though there is a risk of losing all the unsaved files, information and data but it will help you in continuing your work later on. The sole causes of frozen screen are many and include missing or corrupt files, insufficient RAM, spyware and registry conflicts.

Computer not starting – This usually happens due to problem in the power cable or input. You must check the power input, sockets and connection of the computer from the power source. You may also call the professional to get your computer started.

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