Nokia Lumia 800 Review

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The Lumia 800 is the latest Nokia model that will try and regain some of the ground Nokia has lost against the iPhone and android systems. According to a lot of critics, this phone will be the one that puts the company back on the UK phone contract map. This was because this model was the first Nokia to run the Windows 7 phone system. Here, we will look at positives and negatives of the Nokia Lumia 800.



In recent times, Nokia has spent a lot of time on exterior design. This was clearly the case with the Nokia Lumia 800, which looks amazing. You will also notice that the screen is smooth and the on screen keyboard is responsive as well. At just 3.7 inches, the screen is smaller than the previous Nokia, but this is something that works in its favour because phones with smaller screens are still popular.


The CPU increased from a 1GHZ ARM Cortex-A8 to 1.4GHz MSM8255. If you used this phone directly after the N9 then the difference in speed is noticeable, and this meant that any issues with lag had disappeared.


While buying the phone on the day of release would have set you back £400 on release, the phone instantly became available for free on £25-£30 a month contract. This made the phone much more viable than the iPhone and roughly the same price as the majority of high end android models.



With the above positives fresh in the mind, one negative has to be its thickness, which comes in 10% more than the iPhone. This may not sound like a lot, but when you pick it up something does not feel right.


A double tap on the IE symbol will take you to Bing. When you consider all the points, Bing has done well since it was introduced. However, there are a lot of people who will just search for Google in Bing, which defeats the object.

Battery Life

Tests on the phone suggested that with moderate use you can get 35 hours of battery out of a full charge. However, consumers would argue differently. Many people have complained that the phone can only facilitate 15-16 hours of battery life when used normally. Furthermore, plugging the phone into a car cigarette lighter or USB will hold the charge of the phone rather than recharge it.


The Nokia Lumia 800 received positive critical reviews, but negative consumer feedback. A lot of the critics focused on the fact that the Nokia Lumia 800 was the finest offering from Nokia in a long time, but when it came to comparison against the Samsung or the iPhone, it did not come close.

As you can see from the above, the Nokia Lumia 800 was not the success that many believed it would be. With this being said, in March, the Lumia 900 will hit the market, and with the nerves of the first Nokia/Windows development out of the way it may be that the 900 could get them back into the mix in the UK market.

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