Recovering the Raid Partitions

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Want to recover the deleted windows partitions? There are disk management snap tool, which helps in recovering the partitions of the windows that have been previously deleted. It is a free data recovering program. Sector 0 is actually deleted whenever we see that dynamic volume is deleted. This data can be recovered by backup boot sectors. However, one should take care of following points while doing the partition recovery:-

FAT16 does not contain any provision for back up boot sector, so it cannot be restored by this programme. RAID-5 and dynamic mirror volumes too cannot be restored by following this method.

NTFS volumes can be restored by following the below steps:-

Here we try to recreate NTFS volume and avoiding its formatting. Hence, one needs to remember the previous exact size of the volume. Run the Dskprobe.exe tool. This tool helps in restoring even the remotest corners. To search the backup boot sectors take help of Dmdiag.exe tool. Rewrite NTFS boot sector and exit from Dskprobe. Now, go to action menu and select the option of rescan disk. Now, NTFS is ready for use.

Following are the steps to restore the FAT32, which was previously deleted.

Again for recreating it without formatting, one needs to remember the exact size of the previous volume. Firstly, to restore back up boot sector run Dskprobe.exe. It will again, as the previous one will restore backup from the remote corners. It will search the backup boot sectors with the aid of Dmdiag.exe tool. Rewrite FAT32boot sector and exit from the Dskprobe. Now, go to action menu and select rescan disk.

Following steps are to be followed to restore the deleted partitions in windows XP:-

First of all, check if recovery console is installed in Windows XP. If you have not installed recovery console then you have to set start up option. Now, put the windows CD in the CD ROM and allow PC to restart and start booting by clicking on the start boot option. When start-up will begin then choose the option of repairing and recovering. Now, enter the administrator password after giving the commands for recovery.

There may be some malfunctioning present due to some reasons, which may be:-

Most commonly it is found that the sectors are damaged, due to which array goes offline. Due to virus, overwriting, errors from the user side, scratches etc, and the data may be corrupted.

RAID can be degraded by any type of loss or damage to any member disk. Damaged disk must not be run as it may destroy whole of the array. Sometimes data is deleted by the user without their knowledge. Data is usually lost either due to omission or misplacement of partitions or due to failure in controlling. As a result of these the whole of partition becomes unstable and in such cases recovery of data is important.

In case, where there is high level of damage to the partitions, experts should be called up for assistance to avoid further damage.

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