Replace a Users Password (password Recovery) – Windows Xp & Vista

Forgotten User Password
Change a user’s password if they have forgotten it.

Everyone forgets things; unfortunately this can sometimes be the password they use to access their home or work computer. The only way which many people know of to change a user’s password is to remove the account (if you have an administrative account) from the system and then create a new account with a new password.
In this tutorial I will show you how to reset a user’s password without having to completely remove the account losing all of the users’ settings in the process.

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• Make sure you are logged into an account with administrative rights.

• Click Start, Run, Then type ‘control userpasswords2’ (without the ‘ ’).

• A new window should appear labelled ‘User Accounts’.

• You should now see a list of all the users on your machine, highlight the user who has forgotten their password by clicking on it once.

• Now click ‘Reset Password’, a new dialog will open.

• Enter the new password for that user, then re-enter the password in the field labelled ‘Confirm new password’. Then click ‘OK’.

• Close the Utility then log out of the account you are currently logged in on.

• Now you can try the new password to see if it works, if it doesn’t try restarting, then if it doesn’t work again try going through all the steps again.

To remove the password simply leave the new password fields blank and select ‘OK’. The user of that account can then change the password to what they wish later.

You can see more tutorials, including this tutorial with images @ Marc Computer Support

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