Robot Helps Human A lot

In Technology

As we all know, human is considered to be the best creature in the world. It is said so because human has mind and also senses so that we can think and distinguish which one is right or wrong. Human are also completed with creativity which enables us to create such a wonderful invention or action just in order to survive in this world. It is unlike with animals, plants, nature and any other creation of God, humans is the only creature which can make this world to be better or even worse. The most sophisticated invention is what is called with technology.

Although human is assumed to be the best creature in the world, human also have their own weaknesses. That is the reason why technology is made. It is created to help humans to be easier in doing their activity. The most interesting one is the invention of robot. Mostly, the purpose of making robot is to help human to do their activity which can harm their life. For example is robot which is made to fly to the moon or robot which is made to dive across the deep sea. Therefore, the impossible activities which are seem to be so difficult to do become easy by the help of robot.

Besides, there is also a robot which is made with the purpose to give amusement to human. One of the examples is the robot which can dance and sing. Overall, the invention of this technology is so beneficial for helping human. Robot is called as the artificial innovation of human being then.

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