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The type and format of the backup storage medium used effects the future growth, investment protection and performance of the company. The restore & backup strategy are dependent on the format of the tape medium being used. According to the findings, more than five hundred thousand drives of SLR are installed in Servers of iSeries around the world. The SLR tape format is best suited for the “iSeries” and it protects the high volumes of data with fast recovery and backup performance. The SLR is the abbreviation of “Scalable Linear Recording” and Tandberg Data introduced the first generation SLR-1 tape in the year 1987.

Tandberg is one of the major manufacturer and supplier of the backup tape media products. The major tape formats of Tandberg are the Linear Tape Open (LTO), Digital Linear Tape (DLT) and the Scalable Linear Recording (SLR).

The product line of the Tandberg includes the backup tape libraries, tape autoloaders, media and backup data tape drives.

At first the SLR backup tape was based on the technology of QIC (Quarter Inch Cartridge). Afterwards the technology used was the SLR (Single Channel Linear Recording). Then new technology MLR (Multi Channel Linear Recording) was added and then to its present form of the SLR tape format. The SLR tape media products are highly scalable, reliable. They are also compatible both forward and backward with the other generations of SLR format.

In the SLR-7 tape the recording of the data is done on 2 tracks and is recording is done in parallel. While in SLR-60 & SLR-100, the recording is done on 4 tracks. The data is recorded on the media in such a form that in case of degrading of media, the data could be read in the operation of restoring. The attributes and technologies that enhance the speed of the SLR tape are the “auto sense function”, “inline compression”. The data buffers are also large in the SLR technology. The SLR-1 tape format gives the tape solution for entry level and at a low cost. Since the year of the introduction of SLR, about 2 million drives of SLR have been installed by the companies worldwide.

The cost of ownership for the SLR tape format is very low because it has low rate of failure which is about 1.5 percent. The SLR is best for those enterprises where the field maintenance is low.

The SLR-60 has 30 GB native capacity and 60GB of compressed recording capacity. The data transfer rate is 4MB/sec with 8MB/sec of compressed rate. The transfer rate per hour is 15GB/hour with compressed rate of 30GB/hour.

The SLR-100 has 50 GB native capacity and 100GB of compressed recording capacity. The data transfer rate is 5MB/sec with 10MB/sec of compressed rate. The transfer rate per hour is 18GB/hour with compressed rate of 36GB/hour.

The reliable and robust backup tape format choices for the small & medium business enterprises are the SLR-60, SLR-100 and the SLR-140 backup tapes.

The SLR technology has the capacity, technology and the features to fulfill the future’s data backup demands and requirements of the companies in efficient and cost effective manner. The roadmap of the SLR tape format has the ability to meet future demands for backup data storage. The roadmaps do tend to change with the passage of time and when the future generations come close to the existing and the present generations.

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