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I’ve been using a pay as you go phone for a few years now, but I keep seeing adverts on television for phones on monthly tariffs which just look to be much better value. It seems like you get hundreds of free texts, hundreds of free minutes to any network, and all of this for fifteen or so quid a month! I easily spend thirty pounds every month on my phone without fail, and I dec ided it was about time I did something about it!

I started to have a look online at a few of the decent top end phones. I had been interested in getting a Nokia N97 because they seemed to do pretty much everything that an i Phone promises to do, but with a significantly cheaper call plan. After trawling through a few sites I finally came across a site which offered a great deal. I landed on the Phones4u site and was immediately struck by the value. It wasn’t just the N 97, all of the phones on there seemed to have great price plans.

In the end I decided to go for the Nokia. I wasn’t sure if it actually looked better than the i Phone, but it seemed just as good to me and I liked the idea of a slide out keypad, no matter how small.

The phone arrived in the post in no time and I have to say I have been delighted with it.

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