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A hard drive is really the heart of your computer and is used in all types of computers and laptops. The greater the computer or computer system then the more hard drives that are needed. Your hard drisk contain all the information that your computer needs in order to function as it holds the operating system. The ve3ry first hard disk was developed and used in computers in 1950.

A hard disc is really a hard platter that stores data magnetically. The disk tends to be made of glass of a type of aluminum. The disk was called a hard drive to distinguish it from floppy disks though they both do similar things. The recording of a hard disk works very much like a cassette as both records magnetically. However hard disks last for much longer and it is much easier to change the information on the disk.

The platter in the hard disk is generally made of high precision aluminum or a platter of glass. This hard surface is then polished until it is completely smooth. All work and repairs on all drives are done in clean rooms that have special filters as particles and dust can seriously damage the hard drive. Hard drives have many advantages over cassettes as you can access any piece of information instantly.

Hard discs also have a much greater life span because the arm that reads the data does not actually touch the disk but flies over it instead. The hard disk also runs at very high speeds which correspond to your computers performance when linked with RAM. As drives have been developed and improved they are able to hold more and more information.

The hard disk will last for a very long time because the piece of machinery that reads the data does not actually touch the hard disk but flies over it. The hard disk can also spin at very high speeds making your computer run very fast. You can also store a lot of information on hard drives with the larger and larger drives becoming more readily available.

Seek time is related to the span of time that passes before the first byte can be accessed by the operating system, so the shorter the seek time the faster your computer is running.

Besides having internal drives, external drives are very popular as a type of backup for your data or extra storage space. Most of these external drives function as plug and play and you can find easily portable external drives and those that store huge amounts of data.

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