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If You’re Tired of Slow Internet Speeds Step Up to Comcast Broadband

With the rising cost of gas; staying at home is becoming more of a need for many families.  You don't have to settle for less than the best, premium entertainment at an affordable rate, even without leaving your home, due to Comcast Triple Play.  Comcast is one of the leading providers of high-end cable services, both internet and television, and with their Voice over IP networking, they can even take over your telephone service for you! 

Your life will be easier with Comcast Triple Play.  All of Comcast's premium services come bundled together, at a low monthly cost, giving you one simple bill for cable TV, landline telephone, and broadband internet access.  You can catch your favorite movies and shows with video on demand with full HD quality images, download content onto your PC and talk to your friends across the country for one flat price with no hidden fees.

Are You Ready For Comcast Digital Cable And The Brilliant Picture And Sound Quality It Provides?

Triple play, by comcast is build around their digital television services.  With over 200 HDTV options every month, and more on the way, you can see your favorite movies, sporting events and other programming in full high definition resolution.  In addition, there are also digital television services such as video on demand, or a built in DVR that allows you to play, pause, or rewind a movie as you like. With Comcast digital cable TV providing top-notch entertainment, your family won't mind staying home.

If you're only familiar with the speed of dial-up and have been curious about what the big deal is, Comcast's lightning fast online connection has the answer!  From basic email to downloading movies off the web, even to playing massive multiplayer online games, Comcast digital cable has everything you need to join the thriving online community!  With speeds of up to 12 megabytes per second, you will never see lag or latency as you work and play online, and it's nearly six times faster than a DSL line and no bandwidth limits, like Satellite Internet.

Order Comcast Digital Voice Service And Put An End To Per Minute Phone Charges

If you're still paying by the minute for long distance telephone calls, Comcast has the solution to that as well – the third part of the Triple Play package.  Comcast can add your present phone number to their system with a private network for voice over IP connectivity, also the customer will get full service and unlimited long distance calls for the US in one flat rate.  You will also get great features like call forwarding, call waiting, and free voice mail. 

The Comcast Triple Play package provides unbeatable home entertainment, without you having to spend money on gas to go to the theater or the rental store.  If you want lock in this low monthly price deal before it ends be sure to sign up now.  You have your options of signing up on the phone or even better on line. These are high-end options, and all are offered along with the industry-standard Comcast customer support.  Our amazing services will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family as well as making your entertainment center the cornerstone of your home.

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Is Windows Xp a Genuine Step Forward or Just a Pretty Face?

Windows XP comes in two versions: Home and Professional. Both versions use the same system code, and Professional adds features such as better power management for mobile users and file encryption, for protecting confidential data.

After installation, you have to use the controversial Product Activation system. This requires you to register online or by phone to unlock Windows. Activation is a breeze but rather annoying.

XP boots more quickly than previous versions of Windows, but takes longer to shut down. It’s much easier on the eye than previous versions of Windows. XP can be skinned. ClearType technology uses anti-aliasing to smooth the appearance of fonts if you’re using a LCD monitor, and you can customize almost anything. It’s a big improvement over previous versions. The overall look is much friendlier than before.

Many of the enhancements are designed to make Windows easier to use. When you click on a file in My Computer, a panel in the left of the window gives you options such as printing the file, copying it to CD and so on. The CD copying uses technology from Roxio and enables you to use CD-R and CD-RW discs as if they were giant floppy disks. The system also supports DVD-RAM drives.

Windows XP also includes a new version of Media Player, which will play DVD movies if you buy the additional Decoder Pack, and the useless Windows Movie Maker returns with a slightly better interface.

Performance and Stability

Every time Microsoft updates Windows it promises better performance, but with Windows XP they are actually telling the truth. The system is based on the rock-solid code of Windows 2000 rather than the unreliable Windows 9x, crashes are rare – and if one program does pack up, it won’t take your entire system down with it.

If you switch off all the annoying special effects – XP chugs along at a reasonable speed. For everyday tasks it isn’t faster than either 2000 or Millennium, but demanding tasks such as audio or video rendering are quicker.

To address any problems, Microsoft has included three new features, two of which will be familiar to Windows Millennium users: System Restore, System File Protection and Device Driver Rollback. System Restore enables you to take a snapshot of your hard disk – if things go wrong, you can simply restore your system from the snapshot.

File Protection prevents the accidental deletion of important system files, and Device Driver Rollback is designed to help you deal with device driver problems by giving you the option to return to an older driver if an updated one causes problems. However, XP also includes a feature called Driver Blocking that may prevent you from using older software such as firewalls or anti-virus software that isn’t designed for XP.

Because both XP Home and Professional use the same system code, the same hardware drivers will work on both systems. The included Internet Explorer 6.0 is prettier than on non-XP systems and can be upgraded to Version 7 when installing updates. An integrated Media Bar enables you to use Windows Media Player without leaving the browser windows.

XP includes a firewall that can protect your computer from online threats and two new features – Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop – make it easier for tech support to access your machine over a network. Multiple computers can share an Internet connection.

Other changes are more subtle, and beyond the scope of this article. Windows XP is the best Windows yet and out performs its successor, Windows Vista.

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