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Norton Antivirus 2007: an Upgrade Finally Worth the Wait

The Norton brand is probably the most synonymous brand when it comes to virus protection software. Norton Antivirus has been in existence since 1990, and since then a growing number of people have come to rely on the Norton name to protect their computers from virus attacks. In fact, Norton Antivirus is considered the most widely used antivirus software in the world today.

Over the years, Norton Antivirus has constantly underwent upgrades as a means of trying to improve on its ability to detect a growing number of viruses that are being spread. Additionally, each generation of the software incorporates several new features and services as a way of making it more effective in its task of detecting and eliminating (or quarantining) viruses as well as turning it into a more robust application. For example, in recent years, Norton Antivirus has begun to incorporate the detection not only of viruses but also of Trojan horses, spyware and worms as a direct response to the growing proliferation of these potentially harmful pieces of malware.

With the release of Norton Antivirus 2007, users should expect to see another set of new features that will help it remain the top of its class when it comes to virus protection. One of the biggest changes in the 2007 version over the previous 2006 version is the decision of the Norton Antivirus team to rewrite much of the code for the application. The result of this overhaul is a faster and lighter version of the antivirus software. Rewriting the code also meant that the interface was streamlined as well. Unlike the previous version, where each task appeared in a separate desktop window, the 2007 version wisely uses tabs inside just one window, which makes it much easier to manage.

Under the hood, Norton Antivirus also benefited from the code rewrite. For instance, the virus scan and the spyware scan now run simultaneously, which drastically cuts down on scanning time. Norton Antivirus 2007 also incorporates many of the functions of Norton Personal Firewall, which means the application can now also double as a “light” firewall.

Another very important feature of the new version of Norton Antivirus is the incorporation of enterprise level anti rootkit functions. This powerful level of protection against rootkits is well worth the price of the software especially with the growing prevalence of rootkit based attacks on computers. Overall Norton Antivirus 2007 is still arguably the best antivirus protection one can get, and the new version was definitely worth the wait unlike previous versions which disappointed.

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Four Simple Steps To Trouble-Free Windows Xp Upgrade

As a starter you must know whether your PC can run on either Windows XP or Windows Vista. Microsoft offers an instrument called the "Windows XP Upgrade Adviser" which can be used to upgrade your PC configuration. The adviser can indicate whether your personal computer can work under Windows XP platform or not. You just need to download and install the adviser into your PC mainframe and get started.

You can easily find the ready-to-use instructions which will guide you through the installation process. It will also help you to install new hardware like your printer, scanner and so on. In few exceptional cases, the adviser may also be asked to uninstall some programs like an antivirus upgrade and it may even ask you to reinstall it after the whole up gradation process nears completion.

According to the second step of the process, backup should be done before you start to initiate the PC upgrade. To give proper face-lift to your digital life you should also have an external hard disk drive. Peripheral hard disks are growing cheaper by the day. Today, drives with even 1000 Gigabyte (1Terabyte) of disk space are widely available at $100. Thus, in order to get your PC ready for Windows XP only an additional hard disk connection to a USB port needs to be done.

A support tool in Windows Vista helps you to save all your files and profile settings although most hard drives contain good backup tools. If you are a starter, it is better to keep back ups. If you want to do a clean install, there is necessity of another tool called Easy Transfer. This is available in two ways through Windows Vista and Windows XP.

This installation and upgrade process is very easy although being a little time-consuming. When you launch the application it will verify whether you PC support an XP or a Windows Vista Version and it is on you to decide which things need backing up.

The third step deals with migrating applications. While upgrading most of the applications, the original installation disk of each application or the download file, which is received from the Internet, is required to "clean install". At times you can also download the fresh software of the latest version, however, in maximum cases you will need an authentic software license number to prove your legitimacy.

The last step gives you an ample time to complete the up-gradation process. While the complete process of up gradation may take a lot of time, you must ensure to allot ample time for the file transfer to complete. The whole process of Windows XP upgrade is convenient for the first time users. If you are fresh to this shore, be careful to read the instructions provided to go on with this up gradation process.

The "Windows XP Upgrade Advisor" helps you refurbish your desktop pc to XP or Windows Vista configuration and give it a solid look coupled with amazing features. Through these above simple steps, you can easily upgrade your pc Windows XP platform involving least possible time.

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