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The base of the SLR tape format is the “linear technology” which is also base of the other tape formats including the Linear Tape Open (LTO), Digital linear Tape (DLT) and the Travan tapes. In the linear technology the writing of the data on the tape reel is done longitudinally, and then the tape head moves to next track after the tape end reaches. In this way the direction of the tape is reversed. So, in SLR tape the path for the data attains the shape of “S”. It is also called as “serpentine path”.

The linear tape format of the SLR backup data tape reduces the wear of the “internal drive elements” and that of the tape reel as well. Therefore, the backup rate enhances in the SLR tape format. The throughput is enhanced in the SLR tape format because it has the 8 MB data buffers. The data buffer stores the compressed data by using the inline compression. The tape speed of SLR is optimized by the “Auto sense”, which also helps to avoid the stop & start operations that are unwanted. The main features of the SLR backup data tapes are that they are low cost with efficient restore operations, high capacity and fast data transfer speed.

SLR is excellent, reliable and efficient data storage medium for longer period of time. The shelf life of SLR data tape is about 20 years. The SLR 7, SLR 60 & SLR100 tape versions offer scalable and storage capacity and data transfer speed. The SLR tape format is popular as high quality and high performer backup tape media. SLR technology protects and secures the valuable data.

Tandberg data provides the leading and successful backup storage solutions whose results are reliable with high level of performance. The SLR autoloader from Tandberg increases the efficiency of output as well as the protection of the tape solution. It has the reliable technology of SLR. The SLR autoloader from Tandberg can support 1 SLR tape drive and 8-cartridge magazine. The Tandberg SLR Autoloader lowers the intervention of the operator. It has the ability to back the system from one week to 2 months on its own without the intervention of the operator. Therefore, the Tandberg SLR Autoloader saves time and cost resources and provides timely, smooth and consistent backups. The interface of Tandberg autoloader is very user friendly. The cartridge magazine has Liquid Crystal Display.

The setup of Tandberg autoloader can be done very easily. The information about the loader mechanisms and activities of drive is provided by the display panel. Tandberg SLR autoloader also has powerful and reliable security features. The operator can protect the data by locking the loader using “security code”, so the magazine, cartridge and drive cannot be accessed.

The automated autoloader along with the “tape alert” provide the status and operations of SLR drive as well as all the media. The advantages of Tandberg SLR autoloader are that the control panel is very user friendly. It has been developed for the systems having 25GB to 800GB data. The storage management is easy because of the standard “barcode reader”.

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