The Downside Of IM(Instant Messaging)

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IM has become a hit with many users. Instant: messaging is especially useful in the workplace as a way of reducing long distance telephone bills when you have to communicate with colleagues w-are geographically remote but with whom you must work closely. However, you need to be aware of a few drawbacks:

Lack of privacy: Most IM services lack the basic privacy that most other forms of Communication provide. Efforts are under way to develop IM security software and procedures, but for now IM users should be aware that they have virtually no privacy. Lack of common standards: Many IM products do not communicate with one another. If you're using AOL's IM, you cannot communicate with a buddy on Yahoo,

Time wasters when you have to get work done: An instant message "is the equivalent of a ringing phone because it pops up on the recipient's screen right away" says one writer. Some analysts suggest that, because of its speed, intrusiveness, and ability to show who else is online, IM can destroy workers' concentration in some offices, You can put off acknowledging email, voice mail, or faxes. But instant messaging is "the cyber-equivalent of someone walking into your office and starting up a conversation as if you had nothing better to do," says one critic. "It violates the basic courtesy of not shoving yourself into other people's faces.

You can turn off your instant messages, but that is like turning off it ringer on your phone; after a while people will wonder why you're never available. Buddy lists or other contact lists can also become very in-group. When that happens, people are distracted from their work as they war about staying current with their circle"(or being shut out of one). Some con panics have reportedly put an end to instant messaging, sending everyone back to the use of conventional email.

FTP-for Copying All the Free Files You Want

What does FTP allow me to do?

Many net users enjoy "FTPing"-cruising the system and checking into some of the tens of thousands of FTP sites, which predate the web and offer interesting free or inexpensive flies to download. FTP (File Transfer protocol) is a software standard for transferring files between computers with of different operating systems. You can connect to a remote computer FTP site and transfer files to your own micro computer's hard disk via over the Internet. Free files offered cover nearly anything that can be on a computer: software, games, photos, maps, art, music, books, and statistics.

Some FTP files are open to the public (at anonymous FTP sites); not. For instance, a university might maintain an FTP site with private I (such as lecture transcripts) available only to professors and students i assigned user names and passwords. It might also have public FTP files open anyone with an email address. You can download FTP using a your web browser or special software (called an FTP client program), Fetch and Cute.

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