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Whether you work for an established company or contract with a variety of clients for work, the vast majority of self-employed people and business owners own a computer headset. There are a variety of uses for headsets depending on your particular industry or trade.

If you provide clerical or administrative duties as a virtual office assistant from home, you probably have to use a USB headset for making VoIP calls to clients, vendors and customers. VoIP headsets are also utilized for making conference calls with your boss or team.

Transcription headsets are commonly used for transcribing audio files. Professional audio transcribers also utilize a foot pedal to speed up and slow down audio files. These professionals are often transcribing audio from college lectures, medical seminars and courtroom conversations.

If you work from home as a professional freelance writer, you may utilize a headset and speech software program to transcribe your thoughts and research. With the help of a headset and the appropriate software, many freelance writers find that they can use talk-to-text programs that can actually translate thoughts much faster than they can type with traditional typing methods.

Telecommuting professionals who answer customer service and IT calls from home almost always use a noise-canceling headset that plugs into a laptop or desktop computer. These types of headsets differ slightly from a headset designed exclusively for transcribing, but they offer similar functions to help enhance audio while minimizing background noise.

There are many types of available headsets on the market for transcription. You can choose from a clamshell, stetho, earbud or Y-shaped headset. Whether you need to purchase a variety of headsets for your employees or contractors or are looking for a one-time purchase for your home business, transcription software, foot pedals and headsets are designed to make your job easier. They also help you deliver professional results in a timely manner to your clients.

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