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It all starts when the Vundo or Zlob Trojan makes its way onto your computer. The Trojan is set to run on login and can get on your computer from you opening spam or accepting what you think is a video codec. After that your computer is flooded with pop-ups telling you that your computer is infected and only VirusTrigger will save your computer.
When you click on the pop-ups and go to or you will find a fake scan that tells you that needed Windows system files are an infection. You will then be prompted to pay either $49.95 or $79.95 for a “full version” of VirusTrigger.
A closer look at the website will find a fake article about achievements of the company. An even closer look will find many grammatical errors in the text and no contact information to be found. In some places the VirusTrigger product name is changed to TotalCleaner.
Once the money is paid and VirusTrigger is installed on your computer you will find that the pop-ups do not go away. In fact, pop-ups stating your computer is under attack will be added to the pop-ups telling you that you are infected. More advertisement pop-ups show up on your desktop. VirusTrigger is really a bundle of malware, spyware and adware. VirusTrigger will also change your browser settings and connect itself to the internet to join your computer in a spam campaign or a denial-of-service attack without your knowledge or permission. VirusTrigger will stay resident in your background, slowing your computer down.
If you try to remove VirusTrigger you will soon find that Add/Remove Programs does not work. In fact, removing it manually barely works, and is dangerous if you are not familiar with the registry of your operating system. This is because if you miss a single file VirusTrigger will reinstall itself, and it is hard to get all the files. We call programs that behave like this rogue anti-spyware programs.
Programs like VirusTrigger are also called rootkits. A rootkit is a piece of programming that digs into the root of a computer’s operating system (the registry) and takes some fundamental control of your computer. This includes changing your browser settings, connecting your computer to the internet for reasons you would not want it to connect to the internet for, and without your knowledge or permission.
So how do you remove VirusTrigger? If you can’t uninstall it the usual way and manually is dangerous and iffy, what do you do? A little leg work is needed on your end. You have to do some research. As you learned from VirusTrigger you can’t take a company’s word that it is legitimate. You can’t believe the articles on their site they post about themselves. You can go to websites known to give awards for exceptional programs and browse through the winners of their awards. A few places to look are Tucows, WUGNET, and If a program has any of these awards you have not only a legitimate program, but also a good program.

Carl runs a site devoted to helping you rid your computer from all sorts of spyware and malware at

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