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Fantastico Deluxe makes new website creation quick and easy. With over 50 pre-installed scripts to choose from webmasters are only limited by their imagination and creativity.

What Is Fantastico

Netenberg the inventor of Fantastico Deluxe, formerly Cpanelthemes.com is a division of kosmopolis Inc. LLC located in Wilmington Delaware.

They have succeeded in creating one of the most widely used auto installers on the web with over one million users worldwide.

Fantastico Deluxe is a web application included free by many web hosting providers. It contains a collection/library of scripts. Fantastico will auto install the script of your choice on demand.

The task of Installing Content Managers like Word press, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and Xoops can be reduced to a few minutes. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to upload 100's of files through an ftp client taking 20 Minutes or more.
If you use picture galleries then you will quickly take advantage of Coppermine a full feature photo gallery written in PHP and included with Fantastico.

The Fantastico dashboard is divided into sections with each section having its own category and collection of scripts.

The Primary categories are:

1. Blogs
2. Content Management
3. Customer Relationship (support services, chat and help services)
4. Ecommerce (shopping carts)
5. Discussion Boards
6. Frequently asked questions
7. Billing
8. Image Galleries
9. Polls and Surveys
10. Project Management
11. Wiki
12. Other Scripts

Multiple scripts can be installed to different directories. It is possible to Host one or many websites simultaneously on one account. You are only limited by the amount of web space and bandwidth purchased.

Selecting a web hosting service that provides free Fantastico can save you time and money especially if you plan to host multiple sites on one account. It is not uncommon for some providers to charge a yearly fee of $9 or more to access just one of these pre-installed scripts. Installing all of these scripts without Fantastico can run upwards of $360 year on top of hosting fees.

But one word of caution, some web host do not properly upgrade scripts with current versions, which can be a security risk. With programs like WordPress this may not be a problem if you add the automatic upgrade plug-in when installing the sortware.So before buying make sure scripts are updated frequently.

Fantastico Deluxe provides endless opportunities to get website feedback through live chat, surveys and polls. Develop free website content through discussion boards that help to improve ranking and increase search engine traffic.

Hosts that offer free Fantastico De Luxe

• Hostmonster
• BlueHost
• LunarPages
• Hostgator
• FastDomain



• $4.95-$6.95 per month
• Quad Processor Performance Servers
• Linux operating system
• Apache Server
• UPS Power Backup/Back-p generator
• OC-48 Backbone connection
• Courtesy Site Backups
Free Domain
• Unlimited Domain Hosting
• Multimedia Support
• CronJobs
• Ruby On Rails
• Founded 1996
• Location Utah


• $6.95 per month
• Quad Processor Performance Servers
• Linux operating system
• Apache Server
• UPS Power Backup
• Diesel Generator Backup Power
• OC-48 Backbone connection
• Courtesy Site Backups
• Multimedia Features
• Host Unlimited Domains
• Location Utah


• $4.95 per month
• 2000 Mbit Connectivity
• Ddos Protection
• Tape Backup
• Power Generator
• Multimedia Features
• Ruby On Rails
• Dreamweaver Compatible
• MySql Databases Unlimited
• Email Accounts Unlimited
• Email Auto Responders Unlimited
• 4 Data Centers
• Location California
• 100+ Staff Members


• $4.95 per month
• Unlimited Disk Space
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Free Setup
• CronJobs
• Ruby On Rails
• Unlimited Disk Space
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Host 1 Domain
• Location Texas and Brazil


• $5.95 per month
• Quad Processor Performance Servers
• Linux operating system
• Apache Server
• UPS Power Backup/Back-p generator
• OC-48 Backbone connection
• Courtesy Site Backups
• CronJobs
• Multimedia Features
Free Domain
• Founded In 2005
• Unlimited Hosting Space
• Unlimited File Transfer
• Unlimited Domains


Linux- like Windows XP, 95 is an operating system. Created by Linus Torvalds from the University of Helsinki in Finland 1991. Unlike Windows Linux is free open source software created under the GNU (General Public License).

Apache- is a web server used to display web pages on the World Wide Web.

UPS- called an uninterrupted power supply better known as a battery back-up.

CronJobs- is an automated program allowing the user to repeatedly run a scheduled task on a specific date and time.

OC-48- A fiber optic backbone used in large networks OC stands for optical carrier. The speed of an OC-48 is equivalent to 1344 T1 lines or 43 T3's.

Ddos Attack- stands for distributed denial of service.

Ddos- Attacks are can be initiated by Trojans that search out and install themselves on computers with outdated virus protection and patches. These computers collectively form a network of systems that can execute an attack on an a website by sending massive amounts of traffic which overload bandwith rendering the site unusable to visitors who try to access the site or service.

Ddos- attacks can also be exploited by software bugs.

Hosts with Ddos Protection

1. Lunar Pages
2. HostICan
3. Host Department

In Summary

This list of features is by no means exhaustive. It is recommended that you visit each webhost for a complete list of products included with each web hosting account and any reduce pricing associated with special offers.

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