Webinar Strategy – Four Ways to Promote Your Business

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So you've decided to hold a webinar as part of your marketing plan, but where do you start? It is important to define your goals and desired outcomes for your webinar. Once you have done this, you can select the right webinar strategy to achieve these objectives. There are four major models for webinar strategy, each with its own benefits. Read the brief overview below to get an idea on which one is right for you.

The first webinar strategy is to hold a free webinar. The majority of this presentation should contain quality information although it is of course acceptable to include a sales piece near the end. This type of webinar should be full of good content and seek to educate your viewers. By sharing your knowledge, you can also feel free to show the participants how you or your product can help them.

The second webinar strategy should be used when selling a service for a slightly more complex topic. You will want to educate your viewers on the various parts of the process and what is required of them to do it. After this informational portion, you will explain how you are able to make this process easier for them. Now that they have a clear understanding of what the process entails, they will be excited to hire someone who can help them do it.

In the third webinar strategy, you give viewers a sample of what you have to offer by using a free webinar to sell classes. Think of your free webinar as a way for viewers to try out your product. By giving them a great experience, they will want more of what you have to offer. Allowing them this free trial is a powerful tool in convincing them that your paid webinars are even more valuable.

In the fourth webinar strategy, you do the same webinar numerous times. The difference is that you will present the webinar to different groups of people each time. Every presentation is a fresh opportunity to land sales. This continuous push for your product will ensure a constant stream of new potential clients for your business.

Armed with the knowledge of the various webinar strategies, you are now prepared to make the right choice for your business! I will cover each strategy in greater detail in future articles.

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