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Do you really want to be available for anyone and everyone on a 24/7 basis? What do I mean? A famous person once said that the more available you make yourself; the more available everyone will expect you to be. People will actually be annoyed if you are not instantly and constantly available rather than being pleased when you do call. People expecting you to be available all the time may be annoying. Cell phone calls follow you everywhere you are including your bathroom. Even during nighttime when you want to rest, cell phones continue to ring and annoy you. If it is important, no problem but if it is very menial, why do you need to be bothered so late?

Cell phones are everywhere today as the price on them continues to drop. People can be seen talking on them everywhere. New state laws outright ban cell phone use while driving and in certain places. I wish cell phone were banned in all stores. How many times have you had to wait longer in line in back of someone who is having some dumb menial conversation while the Subway guy is waiting for them to answer what type of bread they want for their sub! Someone needs to invent a cell phone interference device that a guy can activate secretly by reaching into his pocket.

Cell phone users need to get some manners. How many times have you been in a restaurant only to have two or three people talking on their cell phones all around your table? You want to say, please get off your cell phone so I can enjoy my meal! People talk loud also. Where is the concept of privacy and not wanting strangers to hear your conversation? They talk loud as if they want everyone around them to see and hear them talking on their phones! People are self centered by nature. Sort of like if they do not see the guy staring at them and listening to their conversation then he does not exist. People do not care about disturbing other people with their loud and menial phone conversations.

People who use cell phones need to follow common etiquette with respect to where they use it. Anytime a cell phone user is in public they should not use their cell phone unless it is a 911 emergency.

When you are in a place of worship, it may be necessary to leave your cell phone in the house or at least turn it off if you do not want to be away with it. This is because ringing cell phone will not just disturb you while you pray it will also disturb others. You do not need to show off your expensive gadget in a place of worship.

Young guys who are going through their James Dean, rebel without a cause stage, like to ignore the request at the start of a movie to turn off their cell phones. I will never forget one guy who not only had his cell phone ring during the movie, but sat there and talked on it! His phone even had a bright light up panel that could be seen three aisles back! I flicked a piece of popcorn at his head.

If you are traveling on an aircraft then you will be required to turn your cell phone off. This is because your cell phone could interfere with the aircraft's avionics. On long flights, you are allowed to use your cell phone when the cabin light signals that you can. But once again, a lot of people are confined in a small space on a plane so why would you be so self centered to think that the 5 people sitting around you are going to want to listen to your menial phone conversation? Just keep your phone off.

Cell phone have become to be a necessity nowadays, that is why most people use it and cell phone manufacturers have continuously developed different usage and functions for this very small gadget. Be globally competitive, but you should understand that being rude is not part of modernity. Follow a certain degree of etiquette.

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