Why Windows Hosting is Considered As the Best?

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If you are planning to start your own website, then you might be a bit confused to decide which operating system you want to choose - Windows or the Linux. In fact the whole World Wide Web (WWW) has been engulfed in this debate of which is better Windows hosting or Linux. But the final choice has to be made by the user, because he is the one who has to make the selection - Windows or Linux. Different users have their different needs and based on it they make their choice of web hosting platforms.

Linux has always been the preferred choice for web developers because it is free and an open source software. Pricing wise, Linux is good and it is also considered to be a reliable and a safe hosting platform. There are other web hosting applications like the MySQL, PHP and Python and they all are open source software but they work perfectly well on Linux platform.

But Windows has also improved over the years and has emerged as a favourable choice for web hosting. Since it is a commercially owned by Microsoft, Windows is costly as compared to Linux. Windows, however, allows you to host different kinds of applications on the same server.

Windows made a small beginning but it gradually made progress despite the fact that it is an expensive operating system. But still Windows has grown and the main driving force has been its compatibility with Microsoft applications. Windows hosting is compatible with all Microsoft software and it becomes easy for webmasters to develop the website quickly and also make it interactive. Nowadays websites are made with Active Server Pages (ASP) or.net and these two applications run effectively on Windows.

If you are planning to have an interactive website then windows hosting is the best way out for you because Linux is only good for traditional websites. Now all top end websites are being created on Windows hosting and after the tremendous success of Windows 2003 and 2008, there has been no stopping. Windows hosting is not only meant for top end websites but also for midsize and personal use as well. Though the Linux is said to have some extra features, but Windows is still considered to be a good and secured web hosting platform.

Windows hosting also makes sure that you will get the top quality, application tools that is sure to make your website modern and interactive as well. The success of a website depends on its interactivity and Windows hosting allows you that extra flexibility. More and more web hosting companies prefer to opt for windows hosting. It may come at a price but that price is well worthy of the service that you will get.

Anand is a webmaster for Windows Hosting & Web Hosting in India visit: hosting.b4uindia.com

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