Windows 2000, Xp, Vista And 7: An Overview

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Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7: An Overview

Owning a computer isn't just having the latest and the most expensive unit. More often than not, people tend to forget that getting the right Windows that is apt for the capability of their computers also matters a lot.

Choosing the best Windows isn't really easy as a pie since a lot of versions were already out since early 1980s. No one could tell you to choose a certain Window over the other because your own decision could be influenced mainly by your personal preferences, experience, and technical competence.

This article would not tell you to use a certain Operating System, but will give you an overview of four latest and most commonly use Windows namely: 2000,XP, Vista and 7, so you would have an idea of what OS best fits you and your personal or business needs.

Windows 2000 (Millennium Edition)

This system was designed for home computer users. Windows Me offered consumers numerous music, video, and home networking enhancements and reliability improvements. Some people really appreciate the power of Win2k though you would really have a hard time when it comes to new applications. This Windows can't run Internet Explorer 7 or Office for Vista. So if you are fond of upgrading your browsers and application from time to time, then try to look for another OS. You might need help on on Data Migration.

Windows XP

In this version, Microsoft merged its two Windows operating system lines for consumers and businesses, uniting them around the Windows 2000 code base. Get Microsoft Technical Support to help you better on the best OS for you.

“XP” stands for "experience," symbolizing the innovative experiences that Windows can offer to personal computer users. With Windows XP, home users can work with and enjoy music, movies, messaging, and photos with their computer, while business users can work smarter and faster, thanks to new technical-support technology, a fresh user interface, and many other improvements that make it easier to use for a wide range of tasks.

Windows Vista

Vista is a solid platform with plenty of rough edges, I should say, and its ecosystem needs another few months at least to catch up with it

People got really mesmerized with Vista's new interface. Transparent windows slide into place with animations, there are useful gadgets on the right side of the screen, and the colors are subtler than in previous versions of Windows. However people a lot of people decided to go back to their previous OS due to some issues with Vista regarding the UAC or the User Account Control which prompts you to type in a password or click OK before you can take certain actions, fewer power user features, as well as navigation confusion.

Windows 7

The newest Operating System in line, the Windows 7 was introduced by Microsoft as "Vista done right." From driver support to multi-touch groundwork for the future, from better battery management to the most user-friendly interface Microsoft has ever had, Windows 7 is hardly half-baked. Get complete guide on Microsoft Windows 7 Starter edition.

Nothing much to say for this Windows since it was new in the market, though it was really quite impressive and receives lots of positive feedbacks from various consumers.

Each Windows has its own strengths and weaknesses over the others so it's for you to find out which one will work best for all your needs. Further research on the efficiency and the drawbacks of each OS could a also help you decide which one to use.

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