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Everybody wants to know how to download and convert YouTube videos; however it seems like very few people have a great solution to this problem. It's not that it is impossible to download these videos, it's just that the website makes it incredibly hard to go about what should be a very simple process. In fact, if you don't know a lot about computers or the Internet then even if someone told you how to download YouTube videos online you probably would not be able to complete all the steps necessary to gain access to these flash video files.

Probably the best way to go about downloading these videos is to use a third-party website or software solution that allows you to not only download the flash videos but also convert these ideas into a format that is more usable across different systems. Flash video is great for what it is, but unless you are planning on always watching the video over the Internet you'll want to convert the video into something that can be played on traditional computer and media players and even in some cases able to be played on DVD and mp3 players.

There are lots of these websites and software packages out there, so you're going to look around for one that is full-featured and offers support for many different video websites as well as many different video conversion options for handling your digital media downloads in a way that makes it simple for non-technically inclined people to get the videos that they weren't.

There are several different ways to achieve this, but most of them involve downloading some form of software to convert the files or by way of website conversion tool. You will have no problems finding this websites and software program since there are plenty of sites that will supply it for free. You will have to be careful in the program that you choose though as many of them are loaded with spyware and viruses. Most of these websites and programs work in much the same manner.

The procedure is not yet finished, you need to check first the converted file if it plays the way you want it to play. You can play it to your computer and use a media player which supports the format of your file. Once it sounds and plays good then you've got the right choice of website or software. But if you noticed some irregularities or inconsistency of the sound quality, then you have to try another software or websites that offers free download and video conversion. Just remember that there are easier solutions out there should you get frustrated, don't give up before trying them out.

Here are the simple steps for you to download and convert your favorite Youtube video in no time: First, you visit the Youtube site then search for your favorite video in the search box. Copy the link of that video then paste it into the required field of the website or software. Select the output format you like and then click download or convert button to start. You have to wait for a few moment for it will take time to download and convert the file especially big capacity videos. You will be notified if the process is finished.

Once finished then its your time to have it checked for sound and video quality. Note that the quality of your output depends upon the quality of your source. It depends also to the application software or the website you are using. If you noticed some errors and inconsistency then you have to find another application or another website to do the job for you. There's a vast of resources there, all you have to do is search for the one that can satisfies you.

After all the try and searches, after all the errors and incompatibility, there is one thing worth saving that is, the knowledge and the experienced you have learned. The only reward you can have is the joy and contentment everytime you hear and plays the file you've been longing for.

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