Antivirus Pro 2010 Description – How To Remove Antivirus Pro 2010 Completely


What is Antivirus Pro 2010?
Malware, short for malicious software, is the software designed to invade or destroy computer system without the users' knowing. Malware usually processes with many harmful and unwanted bugs and bring lots of inconveniences to computer users, such as changing your homepage automatically; monitoring your web browsing; keeping poping up while you surf the net or making your PC run much slower than before. In order to retrieve your enjoyable computer experience, you must figure out how to remove Antivirus Pro 2010 from your PC completely.
Why you get Antivirus Pro 2010?

Antivirus Pro 2010 is a misleading security application pushed through Braviax malware (Trojan.Virantix.C Trojan virus). This program is classified as misleading application because it reports false scan results and displays fake security alerts to make you think your computer is infected. Antivirus Pro 2010 from the same family as PC Antispyware 2010, Home Antivirus 2010 and PC Security 2009. Once installed, the misleading application will ask you to pay for a full version of the program to remove non-existing system security threats. Do not buy this program. Uninstall Antivirus Pro 2010 from your computer as soon possible.

Remove Antivirus Pro 2010completely!
Generally speaking, there are two methods to prevent the attacks of Antivirus Vista 2010. One is your self-protection awareness. Sometimes, if we are more careful, patient and prudent, we can simply get rid of the annoying of unwanted software. So please do not ignore suggestions from your friends or online experts. Think about it before you lead. The other is to use professional tool to remove Antivirus Vista 2010. Admittedly, it is also the most effective and secure way available. With the help of professional program, we can be at ease with our PC security.

Antivirus Pro 2010 manual removal instructions
Stop and remove Antivirus Pro 2010processes:
AntivirusPro_2010.exe yxine.exe Uninstall.exe mifiryvele.exe
Detect and delete other Antivirus Pro 2010files:
AntivirusPro_2010.lnk bojag.dl aqepe.dat Uninstall.lnk ebapepyno.db emuziwe.pif ugozuf._sy uxitavo.dl yquxihet.exe ojupegos.pif qanof.bin yrihoka.lib zecorykyp.lib AntivirusPro_2010.cfg AntivirusPro_2010.exe AVEngn.dll daily.cvd htmlayout.dll Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest msvcm80.dll msvcp80.dll msvcr80.dll pthreadVC2.dll Uninstall.exe wscui.cpl medoqokeqo.exe ycevykazu.vbs yhabozix.vbs _scui.cpl azasal.bin dinubem.dl exifoton.dll mifiryvele.exe ralun.sys
A highly recommended tool to remove Antivirus Vista 2010 is RegistryQuick which is available for free at Before you try other programs, give RegistryQuick a try! You will be surprised!
You can easily get rid of Antivirus Pro 2010 by clicking


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