First Generation new ipod device nano Alternative Program

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The apple company has sent out messages to registered owners of 1st technology iPod Nanos. It is said that certain iPod nanos created between Sept 2005 and Jan 2006 might get too hot and be unsafe. This is a developing flaw made by 1 provider. And the chance of problems improves as the model age groups. As a result, the apple company launched the first technology iPod alternative system.

The protection danger is due to power supply getting hot. Actually, there have been some situations of the iPod Nano’s power supply getting hot in the past. The problem turned up previously in 2009. The apple company had two situations that they burned the users. And in 2008, the Japanese govt said that there are three fires were triggered in Japan because of substandard 1st technology new iPod Nano battery power.

If you are not sure about the legitimacy of the messages you received, you can check the web link in the e-mail. If you check the page, you will be directed to the alternative system for earlier designs of the iPod nanos from the assistance website of apple and there are also Apple's exchange and repair extension system at the apple assistance website.

In addition, the main content of the e-mail is as following. The apple company has determined that, in very unusual situations, the battery power in the iPod new iPod Nano (1st gen) may get too hot and present a protection danger. Affected iPod nanos were sold between Sept 2005 and Dec 2006. This problem has been tracked to 1 power supply provider that created battery power with a developing flaw. While the possibility of an incident is unusual, the chances improve as power supply age groups. The apple company suggests that you stop using your iPod new iPod Nano (1st gen) and follow the procedure noted below to purchase an alternative device, totally no cost. And attention must be paid on that this power supply problem is specific to 1st technology and does not affect any other iPod.

As far as the system procedure is concerned, you first of all may purchase an alternative device via the web. Your sequential variety will be checked to verify that it is eligible for this system. You will obtain an alternative device approximately 6 weeks after apple obtain your present iPod new iPod Nano (1st gen). If you have an individualized one, you will obtain a non-personalized alternative. Make sure to use iTunes to returning up any data on your present one before sending it in for an alternative device.

But how to identify an iPod new iPod Nano (1st gen)? Firstly, it has a black or white plastic front side and silver steel returning, while later designs have a steel front side and rear. If you need assistance with putting in the transaction, you can visit the apple company Retail Store or the apple company Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) and bring yours with you for sequential variety approval. Furthermore, your alternative iPod product is guaranteed to be totally exempt from problems for 90 days from the date and services information.

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