Hard Disk Initializing ? Error and Recovery

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As the technology advances, computers are getting much faster by the day. As compared to early computer systems, modern systems boot so fast that they attempt to auto-detect the hard drive. Before the hard drive is ready, operating system starts. In such situations, if hard drive is failing, problems might go undetected. If system BIOS is taking sufficient time to initialize the hard drive, probable issues could be related to hard drive or mere BIOS settings. In some of the critical situations, you might need to replace the hard drive and restore lost data from backup. But when backup raises corruption or unavailability issues, it necessitates the use of Hard Disk Recovery solutions.

You might receive the below mentioned error message while attempting to start your system:

“Hard Disk Initializing; Please wait a moment...”

If you encounter this message, but the boot process proceeds as normal, you need not to correct or perform any task. But if system hangs after this error message occurs, hard disk needs to be troubleshot.

To solve hard disk issues, you should consider these recommendations:

You need to check if hard disk is detectable by controller. Use BIOS auto-detect feature. If hard disk is not auto-detected, it could be hardware issue. However, if BIOS can detect the hard disk using auto-detect feature, the issue could be that hard disk is not partitioned and formatted (It generally occurs with a brand new hard disk). You should partition and format the hard disk in such cases. Try to boot the hard disk using bootable disk and run chkdsk to check and repair file system inconsistencies. If chkdsk cannot correct it, reformat the hard disk and restore from backup. Use Data Recovery applications if backup fails to restore. If hard disk doesn’t boot up, check for jumper settings and hard disk cables. If this is not the issue, consult Hard Disk Recovery technicians for recovering lost data (if backup gives errors or is absent). They provide disk recovery services, in which a failed hard disk is analyzed and intermediately repaired for extracting lost data.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the foremost Data Recovery company providing advanced data recovery solutions. It provides read-only and comprehensive recovery applications for operating systems including Windows, Linux, Novell, Macintosh and UNIX. Also, it offers confidential Hard Disk Recovery service, facilitated by Class 100 Clean Rooms, high-tech tools and techniques and developed inventory.

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