Ms Antivirus: a Late Incarnation of the Notorious Rogue Tool

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These are the same people that launched the fearsome original MS Antivirus and all of its variants.  You may have heard of some of them:  XP Antivirus, XP Antispyware , Windows Antivirus, Win Antivirus, Antivirus Pro and its 2009 model, Antivirus 2007-2010 and 360, Vista Antivirus, and many others.  They are all variations on the original MS Antivirus.

The family of rogue tools that MS Antivirus  belongs to are all well known blights on the face of the Internet.  Notoriously hard to kill, many spyware removal professionals would ask customers specifically if one of these programs was on a computer.  As late as last year, these programs changed how spyware removal was performed.

As a rogue security tool, MS Antivirus  behaves much like the other members of its family.  It pretends to be an actual part of your Windows system that alerts you when you get a malware infection.  It uses the actual Windows imagery to make it all the more convincing.

Briefly, MS Antivirus  will pop up a warning screen telling you that your computer is infected, and that you need to download the registered version to clean it up.  This so-called “registered version” is inordinately expensive, especially considering that it doesn't fix anything.  You are also exposed to identity theft if you buy it.

MS Antivirus 2009 utilizes two different methods to transmit to your computer.  It can either use Zlob or another Trojan Downloader to infiltrate your security settings, or it can be disguised as Video ActiveX Enhancement 2.07 or some other video codec scam.  Either way, the infection starts at a corrupted website.

Once MS Antivirus  reaches your computer, it initiates a fake virus scan on your computer.  It will always show you that you have an enormous infection as a scare tactic.  You will also see that you supposedly have the option to “Continue” or “Cancel,” but either way, you will be taken to their sales page.

Of course, buying the registered MS Antivirus  is a bad idea.  Even should you kill all the spyware associated with it and salvage the program, you still lose.  The only function the program can do is scan your computer.  It's junk, and a waste of space.  Even worse, it's a waste of money and a threat to your bank account.

Even should you be able to get away from its page and stop the MS Antivirus  scan, you will not solve the problem.  Even rebooting your computer will not work, since it sets itself up to start on reboot.  You're stuck with it until you actually remove it.

When shopping for an antispyware program to kill MS Antivirus , you have to be extremely selective.  Remember, if spyware removal professionals had to ask for fair warning just last year, obviously not just any antispyware tool is going to work.  The only sure way to be protected is to have a 100% removal guarantee.

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