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NTDETECT.COM file is the critical component of Microsoft Windows boot process, which detects basic hardware required to start and load operating system. It is used for Microsoft Windows NT operating systems, operating in x86 architecture. But sometimes, you encounter errors that the NTDETECT is either missing or corrupt, as a result of which boot process fails. You can’t access your data anymore and to cope up with the situation, you need to reinstall operating system. You should restore lost data from backup. However, if backup faces failure, incompleteness or any such issues, use of data recovery applications is applicable that restore lost information, while maintaining their integrity.

As a practical instance, you try to boot your Windows XP-based system and it returns the below error message:

“Error Opening NTDETECT Press any key to continue”

You cannot boot into the system after this error message.


You receive NTDETECT error message, if any of the below conditions exists:

Your computer is trying to boot from a non-bootable disk Damaged NTLDR and/or NTDETECT.COM file Corrupt MBR or boot sector


To fix such errors, apply these methods:

You need to make sure that no non-bootable disk is inserted into the system when you are trying to boot it. If NTLDR and/or NTDETECT.COM are damaged, boot your system using installation disk and start Recovery Console. Opt for ‘R’ option to repair Windows and try to copy NTLDR and/or NTDETECT.COM to the root directory. To correct MBR corruption, you should use FIXMBR command through command prompt of Recovery Console. If problem persists, the final solution is to reformat and reinstall Windows XP. Reformatting deletes data, so to restore lost data, you need to use your recent data backup. But if backup falls short of restoring required information, you should use data recovery software.

Data recovery applications are advanced tools that scan and recover lost files and folders from logically crashed drives. Such applications come equipped with interactive interface together with read-only design, thus your data remains intact. In addition, these , data recovery software provide you powerful and automated recovery options.

Stellar Phoenix Windows , Data Recovery is a complete tool to restore lost data. It is an easy to use application with support to Windows 7 (currently in RC 1), Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. This Data Recovery tool is compatible with FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems.

K madhav is a data recovery expert and doing research on file recovery and hard drive recovery.

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