Sony Ait-5 & Ait-4 Tape Technology

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The revolutions per minute (rpm) of the Sony AIT-4 data tape format’s helical scan head is 4,800. Information of higher density is recorded at an angle that is relative to edge of the AIT data tape reel. Loop of the AIT-4 backup tape drive is closed and the tape path is adjusted by the “self adjusting” mechanism that helps in accurate and highly precise tracking of the data tape. New and unique system of ATF (auto-tracking following) has been added to the AIT-4 tape drive which improves the tape drive’s effectiveness. For tape flutter, the servo adjusts itself and therefore it enables the space between the tracks to be much nearer when recording the data onto the tape reel.

The tape head (MIG metal in gap) of the Sony AIT4 tape drive is redesigned and enhanced. The average life of the AIT tape head is about 50,000 hours. AIT4 tape drive has mechanism for controlling the tape tension. It controls the tension of tape reel at one half. The other mechanisms of helical scan and the innovative tape head geometry help to further reduce the pressure between the tape media and head. The servo mechanism controls and monitors the fluctuations in the tape tension and helps in reduction of wear & tear of both the tape head and tape reel.

Sony AIT5 backup tape format is now even more robust and reliable as it has the new AME-III technology. The AME-III feature (Advanced Metal Evaporated) has incredibly enhanced the data storage ability and the data density. The other data tape formats paint the magnetic particle merely so this makes 50 percent of the magnetic material active. In AME technology, cobalt is used which is then vaporized and is applied directly on to the AIT tape reel. So the AME technology results in almost 100 percent pure magnetic material in the AIT data tape format. AIT tape cartridges suffer less from loss of data because of the AME technology as they loose less magnetic particles. It is because of the AME technology that the Sony AIT5 data tape media has remarkable 400,000 hours of life at duty cycle of 100%. Sony AIT-5 has ability of end-to-end passes of 30,000.

Sony AIT5 backup tape technology offers numerous advantageous and reliable features one of which the most important feature is the WORM (write once read many) technology. Backed up information on the tape cartridge cannot be wiped out or changed but access to the data is possible with the WORM technology in the AIT 5 tape format. WORM is very cost effective and beneficial for the storage of archive regulated and sensitive data. Sony AIT5 tape format provides all the advantages of WORM media technology. All the generations of AIT (advanced intelligent tape) format including the fifth generation AIT5 tape format has memory chip (MIC) in the AIT data tape cartridges. Memory in cassette (MIC) is non-volatile chip. MIC is built in the AIT tape cartridge. MIC enables the AIT tape media in fast searching of data and quick loading of tape media.

AIT tape media does not keep on tape index it rather maintains the information of system log, tape status, file index, backup information, user definable information and cartridge history. AIT-5 tape format takes further this innovative and groundbreaking technology of MIC. Sony AIT-5 tape media uses the remote R-MIC chip which is the advanced form of the MIC chip. In this AIT backup tape format, there is no need of connector and the memory chip communicates with the AIT tape drive remotely.

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